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Within the next few weeke there will be two retirements in the Atlanta Fire
Department. The Chief and lst Asst Chief.

We have a Alderman on the Board of Firemasters that has a personal friend who
he wants to make Chief of the department. This would be fine if he was the
most qualified man.

This Alderman is more interested with his personal gains than with the city

The Chief of the Atlanta Fire Department is a very important position and with
times like they are today it would be a shame for the Mayor and Board of
Firemasters to sit back and let this Alderman appoint his friend brother

when there is better matépial availeble.

Why not interview some of the Division Heads in the Fire Department and select
the most qualified man.

Speak up, do not let this Alderman lower the moral of the department anymore.

Such things as this is why the moral is so low in the Fire Department today.

The other Chief Officers in the dapartment will not even be considered for
this position because they do not have a brother who is connected with this


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