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Box 9, Folder 1, Document 41

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December 4, 1969


To: Charles L. Davis
From: George Berry

Subject: Attached Checks Totaling $1,025

The Urban Corps had forwarded to me the attached checks which
represent unanticipated contributions to the Urban Corps Project.
With these checks, they have sent a miscellaneous requisition
payable to Norrell Temporary Services in the amount of $113.75.
In addition, they forwarded me a memorandum, dated December 3,
1969, detailing the amount of unanticipated contributions that they
have forwarded to the City. The Urban Corps, of course, feels
that they should have considerable latitude in expending these
contributions that they solicit and which are over and above the
budgeted receipts. They will, therefore, be forwarding certain
other miscellaneous requisitions in the near future to be paid from
this balance of $949, 06.





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