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An Amendment

To amend title I of the Housing Act of 1949 to authorize
financial assistance for urban renewal projects involving the
central business district of a community without regard to certain
requirements otherwise applicable.

That title I of the Housing Act of 1949 is amended by adding
at the end thereof a new section as follows:


"SEC. 118. (a) In any case where the governing body of a
community determines (1) that there exists in the central business
district of such community conditions which (A) impose severe
public, economic, or social liabilities, (B) impair, arrest, or
prevent the sound growth, development, or redevelopment of the
community, or (C) constitute a serious and growing threat to the
public health, safety, morals, and welfare of the community, and
(2) that the undertaking of an urban renewal project in such
district will alleviate or remove such conditions and promote the
public welfare and the proper development of the community, the
Administrator is authorized to extend financial assistance under
this title for such project without regard to the requirements
in section 110 with respect to the predominantly residential
character or predominantly residential reuse of urban renewal
areas. In contracting for any such project, the Administrator
shall consider the need to plan for, and carry out undertakings

with respect to, a sufficiently large area to accomplish the
objectives of this title, and (i) the necessity for staging the
project undertakings and activities on a functional rather than
geographic basis, (ii) the provision of increased opportunities for
effecting the relocation of displaced individuals and business con-
cerns, and (iii) the greater amount of time that may be required
for achieving such objectives through selective and coordinated
action. Site improvements and supporting facilities which are
peculiarly appropriate to the revitalization and renewal of the
central business district of the community involved, when provided
by a public body or entity, shall be eligible as part of gross proj-
ect cost and as a local grant-in-aid in connection with any such
urban renewal project.

"(b) Upon approval by the Secretary and subject to such
conditions as he may determine to be in the public interest, the
local public agency may acquire structures situated in any urban
renewal area approved for a project under subsection (a) which are
determined to be of unusual significance for historical or other
reasons, restore or rehabilitate them, and make available the
restored or rehabilitated structures to any nonprofit corporation
or association, or public body or agency, for purchase at fair
value for nonproprietary uses in the public interest.

"(c) As used in this section, the term 'central business
district' means the administrative, commercial, financial, govern-
mental, and cultural center of a community, including its support-

ing service areas."

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