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SEPTEMBER 22, 1966

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was
held Thursday, September 22, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room #4, City Hall,
with the following members present: Chairman Sam‘tl Inman Cooper, Vice-
Chairman Joseph $8. Perrin, Mrs. Alvin M. Ferst Secretary; Messrs. Paul
Muldawer Harry J. Baldwin Julian Harris. James H. Dodd, John C. Gould,
and Mrs. Edith Henderson. Guests were: Messrs. Edgar E. Schukraft and

Eric Harkness.
Minutes of the September 8 meeting were approved.

Chairman Cooper read to the Commission correspondence between Mr.
Frank G. Ethridge and Mayor Ivan Allen regarding a commemorative in Atlanta
to the Honorable Dean Rusk, Secretary of State. Mayor Allen referred this
matter to ACDC with the request that it render a decision as to a proper

location for the proposed commemorative.

The Chairman read a letter from the Citizens Advisory Committee for
Urban Renewal regarding its third quarterly meeting, and gave a brief
mmary of the meeting of the Urban Beautification Program which he attended

on September 15.

Mr. John Gould, ACDC's official contact with the Planning Department
on the Urban Beautification Program related his meeting with Mr. Eric
Harkness for a progress report of the Beautification Program. With the
concurrence of the Commission, Mr. Gould stated he will invite Mr. Ellsworth
Doresky, Community Planner with the Housing and Urban Development, to meet

with the Commission,
A report was given by Mr. Muldawer, chairman of the committee

handling the development of the "old city" area under Alabama Street
and hereafter referred to as the "Terminus Committee." He stated that
Mr. Eric Harkness had found no problems that would effect the underground |
development as far as the City is concerned. Mr. Muldawer further stated

that after discussing this proposed development with Mr. Reese Cleghorn

of the Atlanta Journal, the latter had written an editorial on the "under

ground city", which was published in the Journal on September 21 This

article was passed around to members present for their review. Mr. Muldawer
stated that he had on this date received several telephone calls in favor

of the idea. Mr. Perrin stated that he would like to see this developed

By private enterprise, if possible, and feels that Mr. Jim Townsend should

be pursued for sketches to arouse public interest. Messrs. Muldawer and

Perrin will arrange to meet with Messrs. Townsend and Daniel of the Atlanta

Magazine for said sketches.

In pursuance with the Mayor's request, the Commission discussed
possible locations for the Dean Rusk commemorative. It was brought out
that since Mr. Rusk had attended the Lee Street Elementary School and
Boys High, these sites might tie in for a possible location. Dedicating
the "Ugly Triangle" to Mr. Rusk was also suggested. The Chairman was re-
quested to write the Mayor on behalf of ACDC favorably to the commemorative,

but without committing itself to a location at the present time.

The Chairman introduced to the Commission Mr. Edgar E. Schukraft.
hada of the Urban Renewal Committee for the West End Project. Mr.
Schukraft and the Commission reviewed the developments in the West End
ReeWAT Project, which was started in 1956, and a publication dealing
with it was distributed. Upon Mr. Schukraft's request for the Commission's
opinions, it was suggested that the development of a design criteria
would be a good idea for West End. ACcDC feels that there could be improve-
ments made generally that would have a total effect over the area, rather

than block after block of rehabilitation.

In regard to the Rusk commemorative, Mr. Schukraft stated that
the Lee Street Elementary School is being moved to a new location. and a
shopping center will be erected on the old school site He urged the
Commission to consider the shopping center mall for the location of the
memorial. On behalf of ACDC, the Chairman thanked Mr. Schukraft for his

appearance before the Commission,
Mr. Eric Harkness was welcomed to the meeting.

At this point, the Commission discussed the lack of submissions of
architectural plans for review, as requested in the Commission's letter
of last June. Mr. Baldwin made the motion for the Chairman to write the
City department heads and urge their cooperation in submitting plans in

their preliminary stages. The motion was unanimously carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.

Ann Butler
Recording Secretary


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