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AUGUST 25, 1966
The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was held
Thursday, August 25, at 2 p,m,, in Committee Room #4, City Hall, with the

following members present: MWessrs. Sam'l I, Cooper, Chairman; Harry J.

Baldwin, J. Ben Moore, James H. Dodd and Paul Muldawer.
The minutes of the August 11 meeting were approved,

Chairman Cooper read the following:

(a) Letter to Mr. Eric Harkness in reply to his letters of August 3
and 16, re the Urban Beautification Program.

(b) Letter from lir. John Gould, explaining his absence at the August 25
and September 8 meetings. Mr. Gould also accepted his appointment
as the Commission's official contact with Mr. Harkness on the

Beautification Program.

Chairman Cooper announced that on September 8 the Commission will

meet with Metropolitan Planning Commission in the Glenn Building at 2 p.m.

The Vest End Urban Renewal Project was discussed. As the Commission
may be asked to review this project, Mr. Moore suggested that it might be
well to ask Mr. Edgar E. Schukraft to meet with the Commission. Chairman
Cooper requested Mr. Moore to contact Mr, Schukraft and invite him to the

September 22 meeting.

Chairman Cooper related his telephone conversation with Mr. Portman
regarding the scale model of the downtown area. A model of San Francisco,
showing a 5=block area done at a scale of 50 feet-1", and which cost 418,000

may possibly be shipped East for the Commission to see,
Chairman Cooper stated that he has been contacted by an unmentioned
party who proposed a future dinner, possibly at the Marriott, to be spon-
sored by A.C.D.C., at which there would be brought in for talks certain
nationally renowned architects, city designers, etc. At said dinner,
certain department heads, Mayor Allen and the Board of Aldermen, and other

interested parties would be invited, and the suggester would pick up the

tab. The chairman requested the Commission to form an opinion as to
whether this would be beneficial to the City and A.C.D.C. Whereupon the
motion was made and carried approving the general idea, and the following
committee das aupoiwied to discuss details for definite outline of the
proposal and bring before the Commission:

Portman, chairman



The following committee was appointed to collaborate with the Planning
Department in activating the program for historic sites and structures in
the City:

Baldwin, chairman


The meeting was adjourned at 2:0 p.m.

Ann Butler
Recording Secretary


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