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Box 13, Folder 3, Document 112

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I. Subjects Treated

A. Capitol Park
B. Percentage for the Allied Arts
II. Recommendations: Capitol Park
A. A contract should be made with an Atlanta architect

1. He should choose a design team from his staff or from a
list of consultants representing: landscape, architects,
the allied arts, and engineers

2. Architect that is interviewed shall submit a verbal-.concept
which shall be a consideration in the selection of the

3. An early preliminary should be presented in sufficient detail
to indicate both the landscape architecture and the use of
the allied arts

B. It is recommended that non-architect members of the Atlanta Civic

Design Commission sit with Mr. Davis, Mr. Landers, and Mr. Kiepper

to develop a list of architects and to assist with the interviewing

of architects under consideration. The criteria for selection of
these architects would be as follows:

1. The project should be a team venture with the architect
coordinating the project.

2. <A team of Georgia designers recommended,

3. The architect is responsible for the total project.

kh. The preliminary designer is not restricted to the discipline
of architecture,

III. Recommendations: Percentage
A. Letters have gone out to eighteen cities requesting information
and views relating to percentages for the Allied Arts. It is the
feeling of the committee that a reasonable approach to the per-
centage problem be as follows:

1. 3/h of one percent of the first million dollars for a
building project to be allocated for the Allied Arts.

2. 1/2 of one percent of all additional funds for the building
project be allocated for the Allied Arts.

B. From the discussions and incorporations of the views of other

members of the Commission and upon receipt of information from
cities contacted, it is recommenced that a formal proposal for

(1) an ordinance detailed with percentages be sent to the
aldermanic board, and (2) formal recommendation from the Commission
dealing with Capitol Park be sent to Mr. Ernest Davis, Mr. Alan
Kiepper and Mr. Earl Landers


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