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Box 13, Folder 3, Document 113

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June 23, 1966

Mr. Thomas H. Roberts

Council of Government

1250 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 300
Washington, D. C.

Dear Tom:

Since you were present at the June 2 meeting of the Atlanta
Civic Design Commission (where you introduced Mr. Harder of the
A,R.M.P.C.) you will possibly recall the matter of the plastic
reproduction of the statue of Hadad, a Semitic storm god, which has
been offered by the Smithsonian Institute to the City of Atlanta,
and concerning the acceptance of which the opinion of our Commission
was requested.

You will also recall that the Commission was unwilling to
express such an Opinion without additional knowledge of further
details of this gift, and that it was hoped that one or more members
would shortly visit Washington, where they could see the statue and
report back on their impressions,

Unfortunately, no members got to Washington as anticipated,
and the Commission is still unwilling to commit itself "sight unseen."
I am therefore requesting that you, as a former officer and member
of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission, being now located in Washing-
ten, make occasion to visit the Smithsonian, see the proposed gift,
and let us know of your opinion regarding its value to this City, as
well as any additional information concerning it that you might acquire.

Enclosed as background (since certainly you won't recall all
the details) are copies of certain earlier correspondence concerning
Hadad. These will at least provide an opening point of inquiry at

Mr. Thomas H. Robert
Page 2
June 23, 1966

Thanks, Tom - I hope this request won't be a chore to you,
Incidentally, there seems to be no immediate pressure of time
applicable to your reply.

The Atlanta Civic Design Commission, along with its chairman,
is sorry to lose your valuable membership and services - we would all
wish you the best of luck with your new assignment.

Sineerely yours,


Sam'l Inman Cooper, F.A.I.A.


ec: Mrs. Ann Moses ~~
Mrs. Alvin Ferst
wr. Joseph S. Perrin



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