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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 4

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3426 West Faircrest Drive ¢ Anaheim, California 92804 .

October 10, 1967

Mr. Jack Delius

Department of Parks and Recreation
City Hall

City of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Delius:

I have today forwarded to Mr.
Sam Wilhoit of AzTec Films a
copy of my master tape of the
current Cyclorama narration. I passed on to him
your suggestions that the long introduction be
removed from the front of the tape with a view
toward placing them at the end, if at all. I

am sure he will be in touch.

I have a perfect master so there is no problem
about reproducing copies as long as you continue
to utilize thisparticular narration. Of course,
as with the original script, production and music,
there is no charge on my part.

I would hope that eventually an entirely new
presentation could be produced. That old painting
should be given the benefit of the advanced state
of the art of audioanimatronics with stereo music
and automatic lighting to draw more of those Yankee
dollars through the turnstiles. I might even do
the job myself for a lifetime pass to come back and
see it every now and then.

Best to you all in that great adopted city of mine.
If I can be of any service, drop me a_ line.


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