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Mayor.” ALLEN

October 16, 1967

A Called Meeting of the Aldermanic Parks Committee was held
at 3:30 p.m., Monday, October 16. 1967, in Committee Room

No. 1 of the City Hall. In attendance were Aldermen Leftwich,
Fowlkes, Williamson, and Millican. Also present were Mr.

Paul B. Ivey, Land Agent, Mr. Stanley T. Martin, Senior
Administrative Assistant, Parks Department, and Jack Delius,
General Manager of Parks and Recreation.

Mr. Ivey presented the most recently obtained appraisal on
11.019 acres of land commonly referred to as the Field Road
Park Site adjacent to Bowen Homes on James Jackson Parkway.

A Federal application for Open-Space assistance and partici-
pation had been filed in 1964 which included two park sites

in addition to the Field Road location. Mr. Martin has
determined from HUD that the letter of consent received some
months ago on the original application is still valid for

the purchase of the Field Road Site. Jack Delius advised the
Park Committee that the Federal grant on Field Road would

only be 30% of the purchase price instead of the new 50%

since the application was approved prior to the new 50% assist-—
ance law. Mr. Delius advised the Committee that there still
remains in the 1963 Bond Fund approximately $117,000 which is
being held for the purchase of the Field Road Park Site as well
as the West End Park Site. Additional land purchase funds are
available from the recent windfall received from the State as
well as a modest amount of money in the General Fund of the
Parks Department for the purchase of land.

The Aldermanic Parks Committee unanimously agreed and directed
that the Land Agent proceed with condemnation procedures on
the purchase of the Field Road Park Site. Condemnation will
be necessary in that in the opinion of the City Attorney the
title is clouded.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

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