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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 10

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October 9, 1967

Mr. N. F. Novak, ACSW"

Director ee

Agency Relations Division

Community Chest

Metropolitan Atlanta Community Services, Inc.
FP, O. Box 1035

Atlanta, Georgia 30301

Dear Mr. Novaks

Thank you very much for your letter of October 4, 1967
advising that $2500 has been allocated toward the support
and participation in the Fark and Recreation Plan being developed
by the Community Council, Planning Department, B.O.A., and this
Department. As I understand it, for. bookkeeping purposes, the
funds allocated are being made available to the Community Council
of Atlanta,a Chest member agency.

Needless to say, we particularly appreciate this financial
support and assuring you-of our desire to come up with the best
possible plan to benefit our community, I am


Jack C. Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreetion

‘CCs:" Honorable Ivan Allen, ee - a. c

Aldermanic Parks Committee
Mr. Dan Sweat

' Mr. Eric Harkness
Miss Virginia Carmichael

- me ——. ——
“ a pal ixrno)
XI RO XERO ‘ _ {xrro} xEnO
*, Ory my
a.cury ea HOF a a ' ‘i "


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