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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 9

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October 11, 1967
TO: Mr. A. P,. Brindley, Parks Engineer; Mr. Charlie Devon,
Assistant Parks Engineer
FROM: Jack C. Delius, General Manager of Parks & Recreation

SUBJECT: Footbridge for Gun Club Park Site

In response to my letter to Mr. Boggs of the Housing Division.
of the Atlanta Housing Authority concerning the now famous foot-
bridge across Proctor Creek to serve the residents of Perry Homes
attempting to use Gun Club Park, Mr. Bathke contacted me on October 5
and explained in detail the revision in his thinking of the type
of bridge that should be put in. He is suggesting that either holes
be drilled for foundation footings and filled under pressure with
some type high strength concrete reinforced with steel rods or,
that steel sheeting be driven vertically in the ground and back
filled with concrete. The pre-stressed U-shaped concrete beam
would then be set across the creek and anchored to the sebutivents.s
Mr. Bathke has rejected the single bid received on September 19
in the amount of some $10,000 and now estimates that his new scheme
will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $6400 to $6700. I gave
him the name of at least reputable drilling company that could move
their rig on to the terrain - he was quite concerned that the nature
of the location was such that a drilling rig could not be brought
in. Mr. Bathke assured me that he is in contact with the Housing
Assistance Authority toward asking for an amendment to their budget
for Perry Homes which would include the expenditure of building this
bridge. He pledged to me his complete cooperation in expediting
this whole matter and apparently Atlanta Housing Authority so far
at least has taken the position that they will bear this expense,

A copy of this memo goes to Mayor Allen in that he graciously
agreed to follow up my letter to Mr. Boggs and add his support to
our several requests.


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