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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 14

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October 4, 1967

Mz. Jack C. Delius, General Manager
Parks Department - City of Atlanta
Gity Hali .

Ninth Floor

56 Mitchell Street, S.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Delius:

As noted by the attached correspondence, the Community
Chest, as an indication of its support and participation in the
recreation plan for the city of Atlanta, has allocated $2, 500 to
this activity as requested by the Mayor's Office, Atlanta Parks
and Recreation Department, Community Council and the other
participants in this study project.

For bookkeeping purposes, the $2,500 Cheat allocation is
being made to you through the Community Gouneil of Atlanta, a

Cues member agency.
N. F. Nevak, ACSW

ce: Study Participants


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