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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 15

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October 10, 1967


To: Mrs. Ann Moses

From: R. Earl Landers

I have discussed the attached with Jack Delius, and we would
like to make two suggestions as follows:


We have two tracts of land for recreational purposes

at Lake Allatoona. One tract is fairly well developed

with cottages and a playing field. Further development
could be made there, including lighting of the playing

field, The other tract has not been developed, and there
could be great possibilities there for complete development.

The Land Agent has submitted a list of some twenty odd
remnants of parcels acquired in connection with express-
ways, etc. that could be developed as beauty spoté all
over the City. This could be a good project for Kiwanis
to participate in, and we could even erect small plaques
at the various locations indicating that these beauty spots
were made possible by Kiwanis.

If they desire to follow up on either of these suggestions, they
should contact Jack Delius.




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