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_—————_ CITY OF +TLanta



Report #2 -— sugust 1, 1°67

The E. G.m. Contract with the City of «Atlanta Department of
Parks and Recreation for summer Recreation covers seven fields of
activities: senior Citizens, Resident Camping, Wilderness Camping,
Swimming, Playlot krogram, the Extended Program, and Operation

SENIOR CITIZENS —- For the period July 17 through July 31,
1€¢67, 250 Senior Citizens participated in a daily craft class;
555 participated in a night program; 150 took field trips; and
1000 attended baseball and soccer games at the Atlanta Stadium.

zTLANTA RECREATION ChMPS —~ «mt our resident camp at Lake
/Allatoona for the period July 17 to July 31, our attendance was
175 young people. The ages ranged from 3 to 12 years and the
children came from Grove Park, Center Hill, Brannon, Kirkwood,
Vine City, and Savannah street.

SWIMMING - Using our four porteble swimming pools located
in the disadvantaged areas of Atlanta, we had the following total
participation for the period July 3 - July 31, 1°67:

Conley street, six classes, with an enrollment of
106 for a total attendance of 1332.

Merritts Avenue, six classes, with 113 enrolled
for a total attendance of 1438.

Rhodes Street, six classes, with $2 enrolled, for
a total attendance of 75¢.

Wylie Street, five classes, with 50 enrolled,for
a total attendance of 695.

This totals 23 classes with a total enrollment of 361 for a

total attendance of 4224, Children from Operation Champ are now
being taught swimming at liedmont Park with a total of 15 classes
organized involving 294 different children for a total attendance
of 1305.
E.O.4.. Summer Recreation Program
Page Two
August 1, 1°67

PLZAYLOT PROGRALI - There were 32 playlots in operation during
July and from July 1 through July 15 participation totaled 30,71.
From July 16 through /Z.ugust 1, the attendance was 27,015, for a
grand total for the month of July of 57,7°6.

EXTENDED PROGRiti — The Recreation lrogram has been boosted
by the addition of staff through the Extended Services Program this
summer. Centers in 12 poverty areas are eble to open their doors
earlier and remain open later in the evening averaging between 10
to 30 hours a week beyond the regular program hours. There appears
to be a 15% increase in participation in the overall recreation
program at the 10 community centers involved. Disciplinary problems
in most areas are decreasing because of the added staff members and
the extended well rounded program. The Bxtended i rogram is being
offered at Techwood, E. i. Howell, Grove, iiozgley, Pittman, Joyland,
4.nderson, Carver-—Campbell, Bass, and Bessie Branham,

CPERLATION CHaiike - Total participation figure for the first
seven weeks of Operation Champ is 76,°60. This figure is the total
number of different children participating each day, added for a
total of seven weeks. About 5322 spectators observed the various
Operation Champ programs and are not counted in the above mentioned
figure. For the period July 17 through /ugust 1, total daily
attendance was 2226 for a collective average of ©2.7 young people
at each playlot. For the period June 17 through July 1, the total
participation was 2147 per day with an average per playlot of ©1.¢.
There has not been appreciable increase in the average daily
attendance during the month of July. One two week period included
eight days of rain which drastically curtailed our participation
figure. Free admission and transportation were provided for the

14,¢°°0O children to City Swimming Pools.
1,511 children to llathis Dairies.
1,310 children to the Coca-Cola Company.
5,500 children to Atlanta Braves' Games.
3,000 children to stlanta Chief's Games.
1€2 children to bowling clinics.
2,408 children to free movies.
4,773 children to dances in individual areas.
63 children to the Archives Building.
533 children to the Atlanta Journal.
1,304 children to Grant bark Zoo, Cyclorama, Nature
Lecture, and Tour.
E.O.4&. summer Recreation Program
Page Three
August 1, 1967

WILDERNESS CMP - A well and hand pump is now in operation
on the 470 acre tract of virgin land at Lake Allatoona near
Cartersville. ¢0O children have taken a day trip to the Wilderness
Camp during the period ending July 31, 1°67. Beginning in early
fugust, approximately 50 young men will participate in developing
trails, cutting undergrowth, etc. at the ‘ilderness Camp.


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