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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 92

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December 19, 1966

Mr. Maurice Moore

Continental Trailways
315 Continental Avenue
Dallas, Texas

Dear Mr. Moore:

I believe our mutual friend, John Portman, has mentioned to you and
your associates the opportunity to improve materially the value of
your property at Spring and Cain Streets in downztown Atlanta.

You are no doubt familiar with the Httle triangular shaped piece of
property immediately south of your own site. This triangle is bound
by Spring Street, Cain Street and Carnegie Way. Today it is an
unsightly collection of three small buildings. With cooperation by
nearby property owners, the City of Atlanta and the new federal
beautification funds, this tract can become a lovely park.

Other property owners who, like Trailways, would benefit fram the
project have agreed to contribute a total of $101,000. These include
$46, 900 from Rey Livingston, one of the owners of the American
Motor Hotel, $25, 000 from the American Motor Hotel itself,

$20, 000 from Davison's and $10, 000 from Mr. Portman.

In order to proceed with the application for federal matching funds,

another $30,000 is needed. It seems to me that Trailways is bound

te be a principal beneficiary of this project which will be

across Cain Street from your own property. I wonder, therefore, if
you and your associates would give serious consideration to making

a tax-free contribution in this amount to the City of Atlenta, I would
appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.

tA r/or
cc: My. John Portman


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