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March 29, 1967

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Allen:

Thank you very much for your letter of December 19, 1966 addressed
to Mr. Moore and for the follow-up memorandum from your Executive
Secretary dated January 31, 1967.

In your initial correspondence you suggested that the Transconti-
nental Bus System, Inc. consider a tax free contribution to the

City of Atlanta in connection with a matching funds program to

clean up the triangle across the street from our new terminal con-
struction. As you have surmised, we would be interested in seeing
any improvement in downtown Atlanta, especially improvement directly
adjacent to our property.

As you no doubt have observed, we are planning a very substantial
facility that will provide outstanding terminal facilities to
accomodate traffic in both the passenger and package express fields.
This facility certainly should enable us to service the City of
Atlanta in an exemplary manner. We feel additionally that our 800
car parking garage on top of the terminal will be an asset to our
area of the city. In short, we are coming to Atlanta to stay. We
are making an extremely significant capital investment and we want
to be good citizens of Atlanta, Georgia.

It would appear that the suggested figure of $30,000 for our company
is somewhat out of line if one used a measure of total revenue gene-
rated on an annual basis, or if one used a measure of total capital
investment in facilities. We believe that $10,000 would represent a
most substantial contribution on our part and we know this figure rep-
resents a substantial percentage of our capital investment and antici-
pated annual revenue. I would be interested to know your reaction.

I know that our objectives are the same. As you can understand, un-
like many other major transportation businesses, we make all of our
capital investments and pay taxes on all of our improvements. So,
being realistic from a business standpoint, we believe that the
$10,000 should be a top figure.
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
March 29, 1967
Page Two

Because of the term of our present lease in the subject blocks, our
offer of a $10,000 contribution must be made subject to the follow-
ing items:

1) Condemnation of the improvements known as 190-192 Spring Street,
N. W. by the appropriate municipal authority, thus effecting termi-
nation of our lease as of the date of taking;

2) In the event counsel determines that (1) above does not effect
termination of the subject lease, then the City of Atlanta must take
whatever action might be necessary to cause such lease to be termi-

I am sending a copy of this letter to my brother, Bradley Currey, Ur.,
Vice President, Trust Company of Georgia, with whom you are acquainted.
I hope you will call upon Brad if you have any questions regarding our

Yours very truly,

Lush lox

Prederick G. Currey


cc Bradley Currey, Jr.


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