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Box 13, Folder 11, Document 94

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August 17, 1967

Honorable Bill Lee
Southern Railway Company
99 Spring Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Lee:

On August 15, 1967, the Aldermanic Parks Committee discussed
the suggestion that the City install a fence along the North and
Northeast boundaries of Pittman Park so as to prevent people from
crossing the railroad tracks and entering the recreation facility.
The Park Engineer had estimated the cost of this project at $2100
if the fence is installed on a contract or $1800 if City forces
are used. The Parks Committee in a unanimous decision decided not
to have the fence installed since in their opinion the City has no
obligation. The Committee further felt that the fence would not
guarantee the complete absence of trespassing since individuals
could go a little bit out of their way and come around the fence
or for that matter climb it.

We appreciate your interest in this matter and I am


Jack C. Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation


ccs Mrs Js ©, Milton, Southern Rai ay
Hon. Mvan Allen, Jr., Mayor


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