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Box 13, Folder 12, Document 170

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January 9, 1967

Mr, J. A. Snitzer, Jr.
389 Woodward Way, N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Dear Mr. Snitzer:

Thank you for your letter of January 5, 1967. I do

not recall making any promises to you regarding the
enlargement of the parking lot at Bobby Jones Golf
Course. I can state however, that the Aldermanic

Parks Committee and the Citizens Park Advisory Committee
neither saw fit to appropriate or authorize any funds
for this project.

I believe in the final analysis what you would like to
accomplish is to ve parking from the street and

this is not a "golf function". We have already built a
parking lot and if the people refuse to use it and the
Traffic Engineer has done all he can in terms of signing
the street whatelse can I do?

The City was good enough to provide me with minimum funds
te employ an architect to study the restoration of the
Bobby Jones Golf Club House. Keep in tind I am not
promising you at this time that we will do the work. We
are merely employing the architect and hope that funds
to do the work will materialize.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year, I am

Jack CG, Delius
General Manager of
Parks and Recreation

IO thjw

Hon. Ivan Blien, Jr.i~
Hon. D. L. Fowlkes
Mr. Fred W. Boswell
Mr. J. D. Chanblee

Mr. Henry England


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