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Dear Mayor Allen: |
I suppose my opinions do no* ra*e much with you
good folks a* Gity Hall, Also, having a cold *his Am -
I guees I'm grouchy. However, several cus*omers have
come into *he shop ~ all with curling lips - and opinionated -
abou* your *alk +o *he Wes* "nd white vo*ers;.yesterday. I
myself heard you over and over on TV and Radio - my reactions
were, alas, *he same as *he early eaateusrs +his morning.
Honey, you *alk very valien* *o some folks - and from *he
other side of your mou*h, when *f Negroes lay down *he law.
The Adam's Clothing store was *he victim of *he Red-Hoods
las+ Monday. Had we been open we also wuld have been hit,
I am glad we were *alking with *he birds in +ha oountey because
if anyone - I mean anyone - had called me what *hey called *he
manager of Adam's Clo*+hing, i* would have been defending my
honor *o have planted a bulle* righ* be*+ween *he eyes of *he
Communis*s taking over in our Country. I'm a very good mo*.
None of *hese rioters, including Carmicheel, STAY in jail.
Their cases are immediately se* back mon*hs. Bonds, in some
cases are no* even posted - big deal! Now people no*ice *hese
*hings. Business people are ge**ing fed up with in*imidation -
*hrea*s and mayhem. Voters are *00. What a sad situation.
Ma*+*er of fact, I hear, by ‘he grapevine down*+own here,
*ha* Fulton County, Me+ro Atlanta, can and will, have a negro

Mayor whenever *hey ge*+ *hrough using you. So?

Sineerely Be KH ;

Nicole+*e G. Flesser



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