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ft, i (i 67

Dear George:

I guess I'll always *hink of you as very nice.
The enclosed let*er, *o *he Mayor, is a sor* of 1i**le
personal s*raigh* *alk - in my own fashion - which is open-
book, self enterprising and liber*y loving. Amen. You can
tear i* up - or le* *he Mayor cuss, reading i*.
We have been bugged by several members of Black Power.
Since I'm alone in *he shop often - ‘hey s*alk in - wnt *he
res* room - jobs (ha, *ha*'s a lavgh) or hats = none of which
we have +o offer, *hank *he Lord. BUT if we did have a private
res* room i* would no* be open *o *he public. I have civil
rights +00. Insis* *ha* I do! And intend *o stand up for ‘em.
I can poin* ou* *he *hree nigras who *ore up my Mamma's li**le
*alisman s*ta*ue - with an iron pipe. No use ‘pying *O pro=
secute *hem because its a disadvan*age *o be white these days -
white people have *axa*ion without represen*ation. Big money
keeps being paid ou*+ *0 hush *l blackmailers *hrea*ening riots.
Tax money - you see? And somehow this riles me. I* red ly does.
I *hink lots of people are g+*ing riled with the imbalance. Nav
I have *old Nick I intend +o s*ubbornly stay in hosliebads. I ray
like a challenge. I jus* *ake a stand and intend *o back i+ -
with my life if necessary. I*s *he principle of “he *hing.

I called *he Police Depar*men* *o ask abou* Grim prevention.
Wha* should a bea*-up, skinny 61 year old female do when threatenal
"Pu* ina buzzer" I was *old. "Call +he Police"- I was ‘ola?

And stand by while rioters raise hell? Not me. I'm *o*in' a

Gol+ = 32. I coulan'* swat a fly but I could mess up wild dogs.

> eS 4

Love enakisees de.


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