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Box 13, Folder 21, Document 32

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Mr. C, L. Greene, Jr.
City Services Coordinator
Nash-Washington City Service Center
Atlanta, Georgia

June 13, 1967

TO: Mr. Johnny H. Robinson

FROM: C, L, Greene, dr.

Met with Mrs. Mary L. Avery - 300 Sunset Avenue, N. W, at 10 a.m. Dis-
cussed City Services and also Urban Renewal. Mrs. Avery was one of whom
posed questions, etc. at Cosmopolitan Church meeting June 6, 1967, After
our discussion she seems to be in a more receptive mood and has requested
my attendance at a meeting to be held Wednesday evening, June 28, 1967
with Urban Renewal map for a more detailed study. she feels the Mayor is
sincere and was laboring under a handicap on June 6, 1967 due to the wide
diverse opinions, she further feels smeller meetings would be an advantage

where reasonableness, and calm might prevail.

C, L. Greene, Jr.


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