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Racial Powder Keg: Negro-White
Hostility Is Mounting in Cleveland

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reason: The “tong history of negotintions with,
and broken promises from, the lecel povern-

ment." 3 Locher accuses Mr. Weaver of
Hall and the Cleveland business com:

munity are at odds.

The Inner City Action Commitice, ted

sl Ralph Besse of Cleveland Electric
was created

inating Co., after the 1966
Hew h riots, to help the city cope with ita
racial problems. t after six months it

“the city administration will not accept mean-
ingful [assistance and © tion."" Mir,
Locher accuses the businessmen of “playing

cs with th ‘being of the people of

City Hall and the responsible Negro leadar-
ship are mt odds.
“Frequently when [t's most needed, the
Negro leadership Just fant the!
hari Jackson, a Negro elty council
man. replies with equal intensity: “Locher's
a decent, honest, sincere gentleman, but you
can't be a fentleman and cope with the prob
lema of thin town, You've got to be a hard.
fisted, practical guy who'll tnke risks."
Established Negro leadership and the Ne-
gro community are at odda.
A training program #ponsored by the Na-
onal Association for the Advancement of
Colored People and the Urban League has
flopped badly in ita aim of getting Negroes
into building trades jobs, Ernest C. Cooper,
the Urban League director, saya: “We were
fn the posiion of preparing people to be pul
on shelves." With thin failure, the NAACE
and Urban League dropped another notch in
the esteem of Cleveland's Negroes. According
te ene civil rights specialist, “The NAACP
couldn't mobilize a picket line of 10 people

‘The Negro community and the police are
at odds.

Hartell Jones, slender Negro identified
by ® grand jury aaa leading figure in ina!
purines riots, rae never indicted, and who
building maintenance man
in m Hugh, aasosses the current mood of the
ghetto as worse than a year ago. ‘The rea-
sont “Police brutality, ie Chiet
Rite! Wagner replies: “We have re beaeae
weat of the CQuynhoga; ean
those east of the Cuyahoga." Moat whites 1 live
on the west side of the Cuynhoga re
which runs through the middle of Cleveland;
most Negroen live on the east side,
Movement in the Schoote

‘Still, Mr. Wagner hoo established a new
community relations anit in the rtment
and has opened right new police athletic cen-
fers for slum youths, Also, there has been
some movement In education. A mew
board han Initiated the construction of some


“Tha only right spot IT can think of in
our schools," anys Alan icandnl of the Jewlah
Community Federation.
‘There are other activists work, bat with
out much visible result, ‘The Bua
Interracial Committee on Community ‘Attatra
la conscientious but, anys Mr. Cooper, a mem:
ber, “they're Involved mostly in erange
Planning, not immediate action.” Two wood:
eeenels leade associations have announced
to rehabilitate a section of Hough, bul
fre Project is said to be elymied by akin
inndiords who have jacked up prices, Other
public and private tehabilitalion Projects
amount to a drop in the bucket.
Mayor Locher, for hin part, has nome plans
he expects to fevenl as election time ap-
proaches, He already haz repaved some slum
re talled new street igh med bled
off the streets tnndreds of junked cars, Soon
‘he bopes to start a citywide rat control pro-
gram, collect ghetto trash weekly Instead of
for play mreax

costs money, and the mayor In
having his troubles on that score. Voters de-
ae a city Income tax in 1f65. Last year the
council enacted a tax to be effective this
pal Jan. 1, but disgruntled citizens have
foreed the levy to another jot fest, to
be held in May or June. ‘If the tax Is de-

snart the urban renew
tangle, insisted on the removal of the city's
urban renewal el ‘The mayor refused.
Mr. Locher is looking ta Washington
some new help. The White House Is expected
to AMnounce anon m crash program to provide
jobs for unemployed Negroes in 19 cities, and
the mayor believes Cleveinnd will be one. But
Mr. Kandel of the Jewish Community Fede:

“They're tr lacing
June, fy that only ate
months away.

Leas than two months away is the “dooms
day” pinpointed by Ahmed. He ts quite correct
In predicting an eclipse of the sun on May
hut authorities aay the eclipse will be par!
and won't turn the Cleveland sky dark. And
Ahmed's [precast of revolt may be wildly
exaggerated, But other eventa scheduled for
Cleveland soon are likely to arouse racial

Enter Martin Lather King

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. will visit

Cleveland anon te help prepare far slmulia-

neoun demonstrations iis summer here and in
olhne cities. The militant Congress of Facial
Equality (CORE) han narrowed ita ptt fan
& summer “demonstration city to

Onkiand J.
man here mye It

ja target city,"

supremacist National States Rights Party,
“we'll come to Cleveland fo stage peacetl
cons riemonstrations.”” Last summer, after
ico Rights Party rally in Baltimore,
th i008 GORE domonatration cliy, whites and
Neprona tangled in the ta
pantalicast i thie city a few
weeks. ‘There are
Baal, Perey inienie activity here this spring.
at the othe and tical snectrum.

Checkered Cherubs, a Negro motoreyel

reports that ihe American)

investigating last summer’ i
evidence of Commiinial Party participation,
Loral organization fk proceeding on bath
aides of the color line. The United Black
Brotherhood (UBB), formed Inst fa
garded by Police Chiet W: aentaeay
racial," im actively Invalved in
In black" that present Ahmed nnd others te
the Negro community. do aim of
the “dialogues” ts to steer militants away
from violence and toward peaceful protest,
But police say the effect ts to unite Negroes
under the TBE banner,
Lewis Robinson, identified by m grand jury
a leader in last summers rola bul never

lam. Now we want to pull all these things to-
gether.” He views noting aa “productive mand
geod, a warning that drastic measures must
be taken,"

Harioll | Joner alse helloves Neg

@ single group for cal pars
aah to strike out on his own this
month lo organize such a group.

White Organieing

An organising drive among whites is beng
Manned by Robert Annable, chairman of the
Cleveland-based National Christian Conserva-
live Society ami also head of the North Ameri-
AR Allinnee af white People. Mtr. Annable,
who believes thai ‘srorn are “culturally and
intellectually inferior. will begin holding ral-
Hes. in May. Willinm Murphree, vice president
White Citizens Council of Onis, suh-
canbe in many of Mtr, Annable'a beilefs and
also pinns rallies.

The special Largeta of all these racial of
Ranizers, whether they admit itor not, are the
younesiers of this “city of nations,” mast of
whom live in neighborhoods that are sharply
segregated along nalionality as well as racial
lines, Mureny Hill is largely Italian, Sowinskt
Park largely Polish, Hough Inrgely Negro, and
80 on,

As the pressures of social change have
mounted, what once were youth clubs have
become gangs and now, eay social workers
and police nlike, they are turning more vi-
ciously racist, “We know that white and Negro
youth gangs new are clashiny ’ Mr. Kan
del, “amd we dictn't have thal 1.

Tn Collinwoed, a white neighborhood pest to
the Negro Glenville section, a young fellow
in hla twenti sayat “When the civil rights
groups sald they were going to march this
summer in our neighborhood, a bunch of the

club" he refers bo
hood social club.
Federation say
bulldup of guna in the Collinwood area,"
"Chan Gang"

ment of one member's heme, shooting at par
per targets they cali ‘niggers, * a ancial work-
or an The plirpise for the guns,
ia to defend mselves seained thi
when {be rinta come again this summer,”

In anather white section, on the western
tangs ‘of Hough, signs tacked on telephane

nel painted om buildings warn “Nigger,

Tete ia Alley Rat territory, keep your ans oul,’
or urge oo for President." ‘This in the
work of the Alley Rata ganz whose members,
social workers say, have altended mretings of
the American Nazi Party in Detrott and Pitts
burgh, The Chiliaws, a Qleveland moloreye!
chub, is reported jaying plana to attack the

The United Black Brotherhood, whose
strongholds have been found by police te eon-
tain fire bombs, has begun within the past
few weeks lo instruct some Negro youth gangs
in “guerrilla warfare." Police Chief Wagner
says the UGE han made contact with the
Pomieraaa, a 200.member group preoceupled
unul recently with vandalism but now turn:
ing incrensingly anti-white,

A similar turn, saya the police chief, has
been detected among other Negro
auch an the Delamores, the Devil’ ples:
and the Marqui “They're getting away from |,
Fang activity and are forming militant racial
organizations,” Mr. Wagner declares.

Intereco Inc. Holders
Vote Stock Increases
Boost in Common and Preferred,

Creation of a New Preferred
To Enable Further Diversifying

Ayo Wart, STame JounmaL Sing Meporter
ST. — Interco Inc. shareholders

for) cleared the way for further diversification of

the company by votlng to increase authorized
fommon by four million shares, and the exiat-
ing preferred by 227,060 shares In addition
to creating a new preferred taste of one mil-
Hon shares,
Hewever, aside from a pending mcquinl-
ion of Sam Shatnherg Co., Memphin, Tenn.,
operator of 77 junior department stores, for
410,000 shares of the present preferred, Interca
ian"t serinusly eludying any possible acqui
Norfiect H. Rand, vice chairman ef the
board and treasurer, sald after the, meeting.
ince 12M, Tnterco has pursued an active
diversification program. It operates 210 junior
department stores, eight work ond play eloth-
Ing faetorien and six retall hardware
phis its shoe manufacturing ane
Operations, “We're Interested primarity in the
soft goods, althourh we'd eoasider any Neld
that looked promising," Mtr. Mand said.
Bales and rarnings in December and Jan-
wary, the first Wwe months of the company's
fecal year, showed an improvement over toe
Leiprovernint™ 7
for Use quarter ended Feb. 28 from Ure frat
peried of fact 1968, when Interco earned
53,851,227, of $1.09 a share, on sales of #108,
620,844. excluding resulta of Tdnho Department
Stora Co., wequired ia February 266,
Mr, Rand also Lat ted higher salee and
ending Mov. 20, even
Sam Bhalnberg
A basis for last year, [ne

‘The Ku Klux Kian ts preparing for an or-| cont

Idaho Department

emly¥ for nine math:


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