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Box 14, Folder 12, Document 93

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September 6, 1966
Atlanta, Gae

Mayor Ivan Allen
c/o The Atlanta Journal
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Chief:

What a shock, after living six years abroad ina
Communist infested area to return and find how
little rights we as American Citizens have to
express our needs when all else has failed. Yes,
you were elected to office by the majority,
although at this time I am wondering why. When
a leader obviously cannot execute his position
in fairness and cannot be reached in any way to
listen and understand the needs of his people,
how else do you expect them to reach out, other
than the way the Atlanta Firemen are now doing?

Do you really feel that these men are exhibiting
the traits of bad Americans, or can you sit back
and realize that this is the only choice which you
and many so-called Atlantans have given them?

Had you rather they would use Molotov cocktails and
propergander, which the Communists have used very
successfully? Have you yet realized that these men
are only trying to tell the citizens of Atlanta and
the men who are supposed to fill their executive
offices with fairness and representation for all
that their families need to have adequate income,
the same as you college boys, and a little time to
enjoy seeing their future little citizens grow?

I really feel sorry for you Mr. Allen, for somewhere
along the line someone forgot to tell you about

the Indian tribes. We all, or I thought we all knew,
that every tribe has its Indians and its Chief, but
what I think that you have either forgotten or you
are choosing to ignore, is that a good Chief takes
care of his Indians in every way, even to the point
that he himself might suffer, What's wrong with


An Atlanta Indian,

L. Sue Sanders

ec: Mayor Ivan Allen - City Hall - Atlanta, Ga.


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