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September 12, 1966

Finance Committee of the Board of Aldermen
Honorable Milton G. Farris, Chaimnan
Honorable Charles L. Davis, Comptroller
Atlanta, Georgia


fo recruit more than 500 Firemen is a major undertaking that
will require several months or maybe as long as a year. It
is my opinion that such a large number of qualified men can-
not be recruited in the Atlanta area as rapidly as is neces-
sary to meet the needs. Therefore, I am requesting that you
. establish a special budget for a recruitment program to be
conducted throughout the Southeast.

The rates per colum inch of advertising in newspapers vary
so much that it is difficult to estimate the cost of the ad-
vertising that I propose to do. I plan to run ads of eight
column inches each in two successive Sunday editions of thirty
daily newspapers and the same ad in two successive weeks in
fifty weekly newspapers. I am estimating the cost for this
advertising campaign to be $7500.00. Also I should like to
put two men on the road following up our advertising for
twenty-four work days. At a cost of $42.00 per day per man
te include 200 miles of travel a day at ten cents a mile,
room at $12.00 a night, and meals at $10.00 per day,
cost for this part of the campaign would be $2016.00. I
have done some long distance telephoning and will have
do considerably more. I request that $100.00 be provided
that purpose.



Finance Conmittee ~2~ September 12, 1966

My total request is for $9816.00 which, incidentally, is less
than the proposed pay for one year for two first year Firemen,


Director of Personnel

CPS scbt


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