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Box 1, Folder 22, Document 15

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Dear Virginia:
See nove
Miss Bessie L. Whitehead was rated by Alberta, Marvin,
and me on January 29. None of us gave her a passing score. She did
not impress me as someone who had the temperament, personality, or
background to make a successful Recreation Leader.

She came to my office yesterday in a very angry mood,
threw the letter on my desk, and said she was not going to take that
king of "----", She talked on for quite some time, saying, among
other things, that she was not going to told no if she had to get a
gun and come up here and shoot somebody,

I did not say a great deal to her - I was listening
most of the time - but I was polite and tried to be helpful. She seemed
to have calmed down some when she left,

Wate f

iyss lla Munckawme — Meee

fe “7

: eillips -
= aod 3 swear Leper.
Mys, Be tr9 Bfennor Perse

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