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July 18, 1969

A meeting of the Planning and Development Committee was held in Committee Room

#2, Second Floor, City Hall, at 2:00 P. M., Friday, July 18, 1969.
Committee members present:

Rodney Cook, Chairman
Q. V. Williamson
Jack Summers

John Flanigen

Committee members absent:

Gregory Griggs
Charlie Leftwich
George Cotsakis
Hugh Pierce

Edwin Sterne, ) Housing Authority
Frank Etheridge )

The Chairman called the meeting to order and the following business was considered:


Charles Watkins, First National Bank Building, was present representing the three property
owners involved. Two other persons were present in support of the annexation. There
was no opposition.

The staff presented a detailed report to each committee member present relative to this
petition, certifying that it meets all requirements set forth by the State Enabling
Legislation and applicable city ordinances, and recommended its approval. The property
in question lies in Land Lot 29 of the I4th District of Fulton, formerly Fayette County,
and involves 69.1 acres; of the total acreage, 46.6 acres is zoned A-1 apartments; I7
acres is zoned R-3 and a smaller C-1 tract lies in Fulton County. Mr. Gladin explained
the city would be annexing this property under the zoning most closely related to the
existing county zoning, which in this instance is practically identical to the county's.
All city services to the area are available, or can be provided upon request (letters to
this effect from the appropriate city departments are included in the report).

In answer to questioning by Mr. Summers, Mr. Watkins stated the owners wish to come
into the city for the services that are available and to make their land more marketable
for housing and sale of apartments.
Planning and Development Committee
July 18, 1969 - Page Two

The committee expressed its concern about a tract immediately to the north lying in
unincorporated Fulton County which, upon approval of this annexation petition, would
become landlocked and asked if it could be included along with this petition.

Mr. Gladin explained this is one type of problem you incur in the petition route and

it could not be legally included, but could be brought up at the next filing period in
May, 1970.

The committee felt this would be highly desirable and should be encouraged ai that

Mr. Eugene Anderson, part-owner of the tract which would become landlocked,
appeared speaking for himself and Mrs. Schneider, also part-owner, stating they would
be willing to have their property annexed; that, however, he could not officially speak
for Mr. Steinmetz, another owner, but Mr. Steinmetz had told him he would be willing
to be annexed.

In answer to questioning by Mr. Cook, Mr. Anderson stated the C-1 zoning approved
by the county was done so as part of an overall Medical Complex proposal which
subsequently fell through much to their regret and loss, and there is no commercial
development in the area presently.

There being no further discussion, the matter was referred to Executive Session.
In Executive Session, upon unanimous vote, this petition was approved by the committee.



There was no opposition present. A detailed report relative to this petition certifying

its compliance with State Enabling Legislation and applicable city ordinances was presented
to each committee member present and the staff recommended approval. The property

lies in Land Lot I77 of the I7th District and is approximately 2 acres in size. Mr.

Gladin stated the property is presently zoned R-1 (Residential) and would be annexed

as R-1; that all services are available, or can be provided upon request (letfersto this
effect are a part of the report).

Mr. Livaditis was present along with his representative, Robert Smith. Mr. Smith
acknowledged they were aware of the fact there are no existing sewers to the property
and the present plans are to use two septic tanks, but they are hopeful of working out
an easement agreement with the adjoining property owner to connect with an outfall
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Planning and Development Committee
July 18, 1969 - Page Three

sewer 150 feet from Mr. Livaditis' property line.

Mr. Cook called to Mr. Smith's attention a letter in the report from the Public Works
Department stating that sanitary sewer is not available for the property to be annexed
on Garmon Road and would not be available until approved by the property owners
along this section.

Mr. Smith stated they realized securing the easement would be difficult but were still
hopeful it could be worked out, and in the meantime, the septic tanks are an alternative.

Mr. Smith stated Mr. Livaditis is ready to begin bricking the house and doesn't have
any water; since thereis a charge to tap onto the water for property outside the city, he
wanted to know if final approval of this petition by the Board of Aldermen would be
expedited to relieve him from having to pay this charge.

A check with the Water Department indicated that if this committee approves the annexation
petition today, they would not charge Mr. Livaditis to tap onto the water prior to final
approval of the petition. Messrs. Smith and Livaditis expressed their appreciation to the

The matter was then referred to Executive Session, and upon unanimous vote, this petition
was approved by the committee.




Pierce Mahony explained that the Planning staff is progressing rapidly toward completion
of work for recertification of the Workable Program for a two-year period, rather than
one year which has been approved in the past. He stated there have been considerable
revisions in the requirements of the program for recertification, making it much more
difficult to put together and committing us to a much more solid approach. He commented
briefly on some of the new aspects of the program, such as the housing and relocation
element and the department's anticipated participation in the HUD 70! planning program.
He explained a federal requirement for participation in the 70I program is that one
portion of the planning studies be a housing study; further, the personnel situation
throughout the city, especially in the technical and professional level, is getting serious
and the Planning Department hopes to solve some of its problems by hiring temporary
personnel on 70! planning programs who could moveinto permanent planning vacancies as
they occur.

He went on to say these new requirements, particularly housing planning for low and
moderate income families, points up the critical need for the Urban Information System
Minutes |
Planning and Development Committee

July 18, 1969 - Page Four |

for the city, because of the various and sundry data which can be obtained from it on
immediate notice, and he urged the committee's support in implementation of this system.

He presented a draft of "Workable Program Five-Year Goals" and stated the city will
be committed to these goals and emphasized the need to begin considering an advance
two-year budget.

Considerable discussion then ensued about the status of the Mayor's Housing Program.

Colonel Jones of the Housing Resources Committee stated that the city is about halfway
through the initial five-year program. He cited figures for the two and one-half year
period, stating we have under construction and completed approximately 8,000 units, and
we have in the pipeline more units than the original goal of 17,000. He stated, however,
a lot of the units in planning are being lost because we do not have properly zoned
locations to put them on.

Mr. Cook asked on what basis units are classified as being in the "planning stage".

Mr. Jones explained they are put in this category when a rezoning application is filed
and a proposal is submitted; if the zoning is denied, they are taken out; that more
zonings for this purpose have been denied than approved. He cited the loss of 21,000
units through recent rezoning denials.

Mr. Cook stated this doesn't concur with figures he obtained from the Planning Department.
Mr. Gladin explained the staff analysis referred to was done about a year ago and at

that time the zoning approvals were running about 80-90%; that the staff is in the process
of preparing an up-to-date analysis of the housing program.

Mr. Cook asked for and was furnished with a copy of Mr. Jones' latest housing report.
After a cursory examination, Mr. Cook expressed concem about the discrepancy in
figures contained in the report and those stated orally by Colonel Jones. Being a
member of the Zoning Committee, he stated he was tired of charges being made that
the city's housing goals were not being met because of rezoning denials as he did not
believe this to be the case, and he finds it very confusing and frustating to be unable
to justify his position when he is unable to secure reliable statistics; that he would
like statistics differentiating what percentage of the 8,000 units quoted by Colonel
Jones is actually low and moderate income housing.

Mr. Kennedy stated he had very strong reservations that this percentage was quite low,
that as stated by Mr. Gladin, the Planning staff is in the process of analyzing the
Housing Program for the last two and one-half years and he felt this report would
produce the type statistics Mr. Cook is looking for.


Planning and Development Committee
July 18, 1969 - Page Five

Mr. Gladin stated he realized the problems in working with the housing figures, and
again this points up the need for good management procedures, which need to be
standardized, and the Urban Information System for quick delivery of these statistics
over a period of time. He also commented on the need for more emphasis on the
city's total housing needs.

Mr. Cook directed the staff to prepare a letter for his signature to Colonel Jones
requesting clarification on the following:

1. Is the actual number of units under construction and completed for the last
two and one-half years the 8,000 oral figure given by Colonel Jones, or
the 12,000 figure in his report of May 15, 1969;

2. What percentage of this figure is for low and moderate income housing;

3. The method used for determining what is low and moderate income housing,
the name of the projects and the number of units in each project.

He stated that in looking at the May I5 report and oral figures by Colonel Jones, it
would appear we are moving backwards and this prompted Mr. Flanigen to remark he
had no doubt but what the program is "slipping".

With additional reference to the housing question, Mr. Mahony stated that at the

last meeting of the Housing Resources Committee, the Legal Panel discussed the need
for establishing a Housing Planning Agency within the city government to relieve the
Housing Resources Committee members who are presently spending an inordinate amount
of time doing surveys and research in the field of housing. He stated the logical
place for such a housing function would be in the Planning Department, particularly
in light of the 7Ol planning program; that the staff would like the committee's support;
and he presented a letter for Mr. Cook's signature as Chairman of the Planning and
Development Committee supporting the department's position.

Colonel Jones stated that the Legal Panel has been studying this matter, but they have
not submitted a position report to Mr. Alexander and he does not know what type of
report will be submitted if and when if is, and he felt any action by this committee
on this matter would be premature at this time.

Mr. Gladin stated the letter does not request any final action; that it merely makes
a recommendation for the Housing Resources Committee to consider in making their

Colonel Jones stated he still felt the letter was in anticipation of something and

Planning and Development Committee
July 18, 1969 - Page Six

Mr. Mahony commented that the Planning Department feels very strongly about this
and consequently wanted to take a positive approach, rather than waiting for a
proposal from the Housing Resources Committee and reacting.

The committee unanimously approved the letter and Mr. Cook appended his signature

Referring back to the status report on the Workable Program, Mr. Gladin stated the

staff hopes to present the final draft to this committee July 28, 1969 for review, and

will request committee approval at a meeting on August |, 1969; it will then be forwarded
to the next meeting of the Board of Aldermen where, hopefully, it will be finally
approved and hand delivered that same afternoon to HUD. This will give HUD ample
review time prior to the October expiration date for last year's recertification.


Mr. Mahony explained the City of Mountain View, Clayton County and the City of
Atlanta have common problems in the Plunkettown area which require joint study and
action to solve. The following Resolution to initiate such action was approved: -


WHEREAS, the City Planning Department is presently studying the Plunkettown
neighborhood for inclusion in the Atlanta 1970 Neighborhood Development Program, and

WHEREAS, the Plunkettown neighborhood extends south of the Atlanta City Limits
into the City of Mountain View and Clayton County, and

WHEREAS, Clayton County, Mountain View, and the City of Atlanta face
common problems in this area.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of
the City of Atlanta that Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. requests the Board of Commissioners
of Clayton County and the Mayor and Council of the City of Mountain View to
participate in a joint study designed to slove the problems of the Plunkettown

The committee heard from Charles Stinson, President of the Federation of Southwest
Clubs, a report on the first phase of the Southwest Community Study, being done for
the Federation by graduate planning students from Georgia Tech. A copy of the first
study phase was presented to each committee member present for information and no
action was requested.

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Planning and Development Committee

July 18, 1969 - Page Seven

Mr. Gladin informed the committee members that the Sign Ordinance had been approved
by the Zoning Committee and he anticipated submitting it to the full Board of Aldermen
for approval Monday, July 21, 1969, and would like this committee's support at the
Monday meeting. He further informed them we will be working toward recruiting
personnel to implement the ordinance, that he has requested by letter that Mr. William
H. Wofford, Building Official, and the Personnel Board prepare a joint study on such
personnel needs.


Mr. Gladin stated he had received a communication from the BOND (Bass Organization
for Neighborhood Development) Community requesting to appear before the committee

to discuss being included in the 1970 NDP program; that he felt they should have this
opportunity and he would like authorization to notify them to appear at the next meeting
of the committee.

In answer to Mr. Flanigen, Mr. Gladin stated the freeway ramp question in the BOND
area had not been resolved, but there are continuing discussions with Ray Nixon and
the State Highway Department on the matter and he felt it could be worked out.

The committee concurred for the BOND group to appear at the next meeting.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Approved: Respectfully submitted:
Rodney /Gook, Chairman Joanne Parks, Secretary


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