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Box 16, Folder 3, Document 61

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1492 South Gordon Street, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia
September 12, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

We are very proud, Mayor Allen -------+-*+-*-+--+ <<<

of the wonderful spirit which you showed to Atlanta, Georgia,
and yes, even the entire country during the recent riot in
the Negro commnity}!

As many of us feel, we are moving too slowly in the slum clear-
ances, both for Negroes and Whites, but I also realize this
problem cannot be solved overnight, and to a degree, we will
always have problem areas in housing especially. I do feel,
hoever, that anyone, whether he be Negro or White, who fails

to obey the laws of our cities, states, and Federal government,
should be punished.

I felt that you were the person for the job as Mayor, I voted
for you, I have not always agreed with your thinking on every
subject, but I do pledge my full support to a man as yourself,
who will take the stand and back law and order in our City, as
you did the other night. May you have many years in which to
serve our City, as I feel that your leadership in our great
City of Atlanta has been a "booster" for Atlanta, Georgia, and
even the South!

Sincerely yours,

7 (Mrs.) Bobbie M. Sledge
» 1492 South Gordon Street, S.W.
hy Atlanta, Georgia


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