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P.O. BOX oki1,

Atlanta, Gaes
Sept. LO» 1966.

Mayor Ivan Allen Jre,
% City Hall, ;
Atlanta, Georgiae

Dear Mr. Allen,

Just to let you know that you have my personal admiration
and approval of your handling of the recent racial disturbances
in our city.

As one of your very first supporters for the office of
mayor I was one of the small number of citizens that were not
surprised at your display of courage when the chips were downy
as it was what I had anticipated from a field grade officer, (Major)
from our wareosworld war 2, and this was what dicated my writing
a letter to the editors that appeared in the Atlanta Journal of
Sept. 15th issue in support of your actione

Your action as you know has attracted national attention,
and you may be pressured to accept 2nd spot on a national ticket.

I still have your letter telling me that you only wished to
be mayor of Atlanta, and did not want any national office. I thought
your decision wise at the time, and still think you would have more
political influence as mayor of a great city than as a "Veep" on any
ticket nationally, altho it sooms obvious to me that “Bobby" Kennedy
is giving you serious consideration as a possible running mate IF he
should head a national ticket for the Democratic Party, as you'd be q
natural for him despite the difference in your ages, looking at it
from the practical view that the Kennedy money can take the Ne Hast,
Ohio, Illinois and the far West (California) but no amount of mone
can carry the South for Bobby Kennedyl Texas would at least split ES -60
for him, the anti-LBJ I see ite

If offered such a deal and you wish to try it in the future, my
offer of help for you is still open and I still have a heavy political
following in most of the States. We were unable to put Sam Yorty over
in California BUT it was a close ones.eeand make no mistake about it
Sam Yorty is a good man. He was, in our war, Capt. Sam Yorty, Air Corp,
attached to the 3rd Ampyyon Leyte in the Pacificao..but I agree with
the majority of the people of our city that Atlanta needs your proven
Leadership, most especially during these trying times of racial unrest
along with rapid economic growth, and I hope that even tho offered
such a post yous ill chose to remain in Atlantae

40 AA

00. Box Atlanta, Gao

Hdgar Pe Scott


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