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Dear Mr. Vice President:

The City of Atlanta is happy to participate in the National Summer Youth Program.

It is my understanding that, to date, Morehouse Céllege is the only Atlanta
college participating in this program.

Mr. John W. Cox, Executive Director of the Youth Council, as well as coordi-
nator for our Youth Opportunity Program in Atlanta, has taken the following action:








contacted all of the NCAA Colleges in Atlanta to encourage them
to participate. So far, only Morehouse College is participating.
Emory and Georgia Tech indicated that they could not participate
because of other building and activity programs this summer;

communicated with Coach Forbes, Morehouse's Director, individually,
and discussed Morehouse's Proposal prior to submission. He later
held a meeting with Dr. Forbes involving personnel from the City
of Atlanta Parks and Recreation Department, Economic Opportunity
Atlanta and the Community Chest. At this meeting, the following
proposed modification and changes were suggested and agreed to

by Dr. Forbes:

The program would operate from 9:30-1:30 instead of 8:00a.m.-12:00

The target areas would be the Nash Washington and the West End

The EOA Center in the West End and Nash Washington areas, the
Robinson Boys Club, the Atlanta Girls Club and the Public Housing
Projects in these areas would refer the participants to this

Bussing would be kept at a minimum, transportation would be used
for trips and support for the on-going program;

A maximum number of poor youth from the target area will be hired
by the Project;

The college will explore the possibility of expanding this pro-
gram if such needs warrant, utilizing other facilities;

Finally, the college has agreed to fully coordinate this project
into the total Youth Opportunity Program effort.

We will continue to maintain a working relationship with this program and keep
your representative informed on its progress.

As Mayor of the City of Atlanta, I fully endorse this program and recommend its



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