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Sept. 12th, 1965.

His Honor the Mayor
City Hall,
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Sir:
You are very brave and, I am sure, very con-

While I admire your fine qualities I am concerned for
your welfare. I would like to site for your consider-
ation several examples of mob violence;

1) The stoning of Stephen - Acts 7:56-58
(They "stopped ther ears" - cast him
out - stoned him)

2) Alexander - Acts 19:34 - the mob cried
for two hours "Great is Diana of the

Ephesians". Mobs will not listen 4

3) Paul - many times beaten, stoned, left
for dead, finally beheaded in Rome.
Some listened but the majority did not |

4) Pilate - saw that he could prevail noth-
ing - washed his hands - Matthew 27:24

For further reference see: Acts 17:5 - an uproar !
Acts 19:29 - the whole city
was filled with confusion !
(and v. 40 - uproar !)
Acts 21:30, 34 "all the city
was moved | "some cried one
thing, some another"

I Cor. 14:33 "For God is not
the author of confusion"

James 3:16 - "confusion and
every evil work"

"Let all things be done decently and in order." I Cor.14:40.

The real trouble is that Christians have failed to get
out the Gospel messase | "Love never faileth" !(I Cor. 13:3)
Now it is a little late for this approach. They
will not listen !

May I suggest that a good Christian psychologist

pe called in to offer his suggestions as to how

to cope with this matter ? The only one I know

is Dr. Clyde M. Narramore who is in Pasadena, Calif..
(his home address is 115 Sequoia Drive, Pasadena.
Phone - Clinton 6-2724) Perhaps a phone call would
be of great help.

I was a resident of Atlanta for twenty-one of the
twenty-four years I was a captain with Delta Air Lines
sO you see that Atlanta has a big place in our hearts.
I pray for your safety and for the welfare of our

Great city. May God bless you and guide you in these
trying times.

Most sincerely "GE
Liege G Ma,
George J. Wells

Lakemont, Ga. 30552


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