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( Rodent Control )

Progress Report on the Conmunity Development Aide Project
Grant Number 43040-01-69


The project is headquartered at the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium, 30 Courtland Street, N.E.
and also has field centers located in the Pittsburgh and Northwest Perry EOA Centers.

The following staff positions have been filled:

1 Director

1 Assistant Director

1 Clerk II

5 Full-time Crew Chiefs

10 Full-time Environmental Health Trainees

All Crew Chiefs and Environmental Health Trainees are non-professional indigenous residents
of the two target areas.

The staff persons listed above have received training in the following manner:

1. One week training session- Conmunicable Disease Center

2. Orientation and On-The-Job Training- Fulton County Health Department

3. Orientation and On-The-Job Training- City of Atlanta Public Works Department
Sanitary Division

Further assistance in classroom and On-The-Job Training will be obtained from the Fulton
County Health Department, Public Works Department ( Sanitary Division ), Comprehensive
Health and the Greater Atlanta Pest Control Association,


Most of the administrative matters relating to this project have been established through
the Personnel Department of Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc,

Procurement procedures have also been established through the Purchasing Department of
Economie Opportunity Atlanta. All of the cooperating agencies involved in this program
have assigned professional staff to participate in an advisory group. ‘These include:

1. Me. T. A. Cantrell ........+-. Fulton County Health Department
( Environmental Health )

2. Mr. John &. Grennor ....0+e0.+--Fulton County Health Department

3. Me. Melvin Dolob.....+.++..+eFulton County Health Department

4. Me. J. E. Kent....cseeseees. Public Works Department ( Sanitary Division )
5. Mr. Ernest Bathke.......+.-. Atlanta Housing Authority

6. Mr. James A. Smith.......... City of Atlanta, Office Of Inspector of Bldg.
7. Mr. Lowis Becker...........-Comprehensive Health

8. Mr. John Taylor..sseescsceces Ga. Department of Public Health

9. Mr. James Wright.........+.- Model Cities, Physical Planning

Meetings are held occasionally with this group. ‘Two Rodent Control Committees have been
established in the Pittsburgh and Northwest Perry communities. The Chairmen are:
Mrs. Thelma Durden, Pittsburgh, Mrs. Olivia Pullins, Northwest Perry.

These committees are composed of approximately 10 members. Expansion of these committees
are planned.


An approximately monthly rate of expenditure for January, February and March has been
hundred dollars ( $2100 ).

Plans are being made to obtain the full cooperation of the Fulton County Health Department

and the Sanitation Department in expanding and maintaining this project after the first

yeax of operation. However, the project will be requesting a second year of funding. The

project has already begun operation. ‘The activities of the operational program at this

point has been; (1) Project staff orientation and training (2) Community organization and


The project will reach a normal level of operation approximately May ist. However,
Community organization which is felt to be a most important and during part of this program
will be obtained hopefully by the end of April.

This isgue has been discussed in the proposal and has been implemented. Presently the only
agency not being able to fullfill its staff commitment has been the Model Cities Administra-
tion. However, this has been due to a lack of funding at


Very little formal publicity has been given at this point. However citizens in the target
areas have given enthusiastic support to the project ideas and goa
working committees. A general tentative timetable is enclosed.

( Rodent Control )


Orientation and On-The Job Training ( Fulton County Health Departmant )
coomeonemonApril 3-11

Orientation and On-The Job Training ( Sanitation Department
waceaweeennApril 3-1)

Commnity Organization eoseneanmoseAnril 3-1]
Comunity Survey ancensenaseApril 14-25
Formal Publicity eeovensceceApril 14-25

Trainings Conmunity Organization Skills
and Techniques caanesesenApril 14=<25

Communications and group work skills e-ce-«<s-e-April 25-30

Establish Information Centers = = = saenas< eweAprsl 25
Planning analysis, and tabulation of

Survey Data woseceneenApril 25-Msy 2
Poisoning Program eoocmncenoMay 5

Clean-Up Campaign

Paint Campaign


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