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Gu Liller Neal Baitle & Lindsey, Inc. Atlanta Richmond Tampa New York


Review of Public Service Material Available

May 29, 1969
Ce iit Neal Battle & Lindsey, Inc. Atlanta Richmond Tampa New York


Review of Public Service Material Available



The theme for the 1969 campaign is "Make Your Summer Count." This
has been adapted in a number of ways for use in print and broadcast

materials, as outlined below.

Three television spots have been filmed featuring the Atlanta Braves'
Sonny Jackson. Basic copy approach is to impress upon Atlanta youth the
fact that there are a multitude of activities available.

We anticipate featuring a telephone number in each spot, giving the
hours when the number can be reached, in an effort to encourage kids to
get information fwiedaatedin”

The 10-second spot will feature Sonny Jackson, the telephone number,
and the "Make Your Summer Count" logo.

We will also prepare a 20-second spot with the same basic elements.
We are hopeful of preparing a 30-second television spot which will also
feature newsclips of some of the activities taking place last year in con-

junction with Sonny Jackson.
Cg ite Neal Battle & Lindsey, INC. atanta richmond Tampa New York 2D.

Station I.D.'s will be made available to each of the four Atlanta
television stations.

While no definite commitment can be made by any of the stations as
to the use of the I.D.'s or the television spots, Liller Neal Battle &
Lindsey will be contacting station representatives to outline the pro-
gram and elicit whatever commitment can be made by the stations. Liller
Neal Battle & Lindsey will also be following up with stations in this



A musical jingle has been prepared for use by Atlanta area radio
stations. The basis of these radio spots is the theme set to music with
a 45-second music-under segment. Information from various agencies will be
funneled into John Cox's office, well in advance, and this will be con-
densed and sent to cooperating radio stations at least one week in advance
of all activities. The stations will then promote these various activities
in conjunction with the nuisical jingle... These will be rotated through
their schedules, and hopefully, a majority of the activities will be pro-
moted on the air each week.

There is also a shorter version of this musical jingle which will be
used in the same manner. A very brief “radio I.D." will also be supplied
to the stations which will simply be the theme itself.

At the outset of the radio campaign, Liller Neal Battle & Lindsey

will also be contacting radio stations to outline the program.
Cg ile Neal Battle & Lindsey, Inc. Atlanta Richmond Tampa New York -3-

Copy will be supplied to radio stations by Liller Neal Battle &
Lindsey to be used in conjunction with the theme and the announcements
at the outset of the program. This will be done in an effort to apprise
listeners of the. programmed announcements throughout the summer, indicating
to them that the theme and the music mean now is the time to listen for
upcoming activities.

It is extremely important that all agencies cooperate in this effort
by channeling information into John Cox's office well ahead of time.
Stations are deluged with requests to promote activities (for example,
WSB-TV actually promoted well over 350 different public service organi-
zations in the last year).

The agency will be promoting the fact to individual radio and tele-
vision stations that this weekly run-down from John Cox's office will cover
a majority of activities taking place throughout the summer. There is no
question but that each of the various agencies involved can benefit tre-

mendously from this overall effort.

We are now preparing recommended public service newspaper ads for
various publications in the metro Atlanta area.

This will be basically broken down into two communications objectives.
The first will be to reach the parents of children who can participate in
the many programs and the children themselves. ‘Sseandiy, there will be ©
messages directed to the entire community indicating that Atlanta does care,
there are a multitude of programs going on during the summer, and that there

are many ways that the average citizen can cooperate in making the programs

an even bigger success.

Ga Neal Battle & Lindsey, INC. stanta richmond Tampa New York -4-

All print advertising will carry the "Make Your Summer Count" logo;
and these logos are now available to the various agencies participating

in the program for use in their own materials.


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