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1201-B CITY HALL PHONE 522-4463 - EX.437

Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor
Robert M. Wood, Chairman
John W. Cox, Executive Director

Members - Frank R. Carmines
Fletcher Coombs
DeJongh Franklin
G. Arthur Howell
Mrs. Vivian W. Henderson
Ocie J. Irons

Jerry Luxemburger
Frank A. Player

Mrs. Mary B. Sanford
Mrs. C. R. Yates

Dear Friend:

Again, the Mayor, the Board of the Atlanta


Franklin M. Thomas, V. Chairman
Michael H. Trotter, Secy-Treasurer
Mrs. Rhodes Perdue, Member at Large

November 13, 1968

Children and Youth Services

Council, and several other co-sponsoring organizations are inviting you

and your friends to participate in the 2nd
and Youth,

Mayor's Conference on Children

This year's conference will be held all day, November 21, 1968 from 8:30

to 6:00 at the Dinkler Plaza Hotel,

The theme for this year's conference will be "Equal Education and Employ-
ment: Affirmative Action Against Disorder".

The committee has planned a most interesting and action oriented confer-
ence for you, providing full participation throughout the day. Implicit

in our theme for this year is solutions to problems, not further discussion
of problems. ;

The keynoter for this year will be Dr. Fred Crawford, Director, Center for
Research and Social Change of Emory University. Our luncheon speaker will
be Dr. Vivian Henderson, President of Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia and
national expert on manpower and economics.

We hope that you will be able to jein us. The fee for the conference this
year will be $7.00 for adults and $3.50 for youth under 20. This fee will
cover meal, coffee and a get acquainted hour after the conference.

We hope that you will please make your reservations to attend immediately.

Yours truly,
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Chief of Police, Herbert T. Jenkins - Supt. of Schools

John W. Letson - Gen. Mgr. Parks, Jack C. Delius


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