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Dear Mr. Allen:

You should be ashamed of yourself to make the statement
you made on television a few days ago. I am shocked
beyond words you would publicly say such a thing
about a man running and WON in the Democratic primary.
Mr. Maddox was right when he said "Did he really make
this statement?" "It sounds like one King would have
made" and it did, Mr. Allen. There are many things
Mr. M. could have said about you, but he was more

a gentleman than you were. You are not so well liked
even by negroes, to say nothing about how disliked
you are by the whites. If you were a politician, I
might have expected you to make such a statement,

but you are FAR from a politician - just a public
servant for liberal Atlanta. Lets face facts, you
have sold you city down the river - sold out to the
liberals, both white and negro. This won't do you
any good, Mr. Allen.

Now about your going fishing on election day; that
sounds just like a negro, don't say that anymore.
Just keep your mouth shut if you can't say something
nice about the man. It proved to you that Georgia
is still a conservative state. Where has old
McGill, Patterson and Miss B. Lane got to go now?

In a hole I hope.

Kelsey Rigdon


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