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P. Oo. BOX 51912


October 5, 1966. Ree eee
Mayor Ivan Allen Jdr.,

Thomas Jefferson, founder of the Democratic party, and Abraham
Lincoln, founder of the Republican pene were both white men and segregat-
ionists to their last breath! Read Jefferson's autobiography written in 182]
a few years before his death. A copy is attached herewith.

If God and Nature did not segregate white, black and yellow races,
why are there biological differences from the top of the head to the bottom
cae as internally and externally, if one race and one color were

There is a mountain of evidence thruout the world---facts not
anybody opinions---proving that the black negroid race is a separate
distinct and inferior race to the white and yellow races. The white and
{ers races stand on their own feet independently, why cant the blacks
Jo likewise? Why does a black child have to sit next to a white child
in order to acquire an education? The yellow child does not require thst.
There are no negroes in Japan or China.

The negro is unquestionably entitled to EQUAL RIGHTS---BUT SEPARATE
COMPLETELY SEPARATE, That is his birthright under the laws of God and Nature,
but it is not his birthright to mix with the white or yellow races.

. Men like you, Weltmer, LBJ, HHH, RFK, Ralph Magill et al. are
traitors to the basic laws of God and Nature, traitors to the founders of
the Democratic and Reprb licen Bert es; and every man who signed the
Declaration of Independence and Constitution---all 95 of them including
George Washington---were WHITE MEN AND SEGREGATIONISTS. All of you shold
be expelled and you should join the NAACP, CORE, Black Panthers or some
negro party that befits your beliefs.

Pee erie THE ioe? ai es aye eurerene chs BA eee BS any compromise with
us unnatura uno Crime of raci inte i hi
American worthy of his hesiuarel ‘ BY ere Pans O2y eee

Gj £ LBB

ellis ‘Ene BXEC.Secy.
es Fee TATES Autobiography of THOM\S JEFFERSON
cee Aye rege ae oe dated Jatuary 6, 1821. 51)
OF AMERICA, Vn Gomera? Cmgyess astorbted. | , (died July 4, 1826, age 8 )
ae i ren uri a fet en The bill on the subject of slaves, was a mere digest of the
= Baan as existing laws. respecting them, without any intimation of a

eae Accor act fusrnimn.
fs e ss -


eavperne. deena Phe powers ff the aacith “a | plan for a future and general emancipation. It was thought bet-
hich Khe basa df) natiine V d] maduere's 90°9 entitle own, aaa mero ter that this should be kept back, and attempted only by way

to Ha oprincens ff mramherd required Phat Hay shenitd dactane, (escauded of-amendment, whenever the bill should be brought on. The

eg heh Empl Hom ty ea seperdthicon. pe. aie principles of the amendment, however, were agreed on, that

Ue ht Hse: butts ts bur bares, Hime

m, thea abt ey 21 is to say, the freedom of all born after a certain day, and de-
eer portation at a proper age. But it was found that the public
mind would not yet bear the proposition, nor will it bear it

? ’ amneng Jarre je
Qife Mf liloerly Ye. provaudt df hapyrimess that by secure tae Le, 5 even at this day. Yet the day is not distant when it must bear
a a ‘are inattuitigh armas ener, darisrong Res guuet proved foo and adopt it, or worse will follow. Nothing is more certainly
> oe: , thes 2, thet fis amy form Gyre pee in the book of fate, than that these people are to be
; BES, Necaienstastte ce the might G the. people ty aller ree; nor Is it less certain that the two races, equally free, can-
' - Die vec Anam baying its foumelalion ar, ugt live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion have
. ea Feri et cea cinta: ¥ drawn indelible Tines of distinction between them. It is still in
i fe ener “f. oh yaa ee eS / \%ur_power to direct the process of emancipation and deporta-
seem enost Chaly to offer» APG Oe eta ] ' \lon, peaceably, and in such slow degree, as that the evil will

fh wate diclate at gaveenansrts long cilablishad sheutel wit became for wear off insensibly, and their place be, pari passu,* filled up by

? | bgp Vtramaiont causes : and ana Dingly all caperiames hah stuur es itee white laborers. If, on the contrary, it is left to force itself
peal a ED are enon LiaproseD to suffer hale wvils axe vufferable, Ham Ce gn, human nature must shudder at the prospect held up. We
Phe at By wight Himseboes by abelisherg the formas te which Hay ane. acenabemecl, but should in vain look for an example in the Spanish deportation
a ae a v : wom att a.diotingincehD previod or deletion of the Moors. This precedent would fall far short of
BX Lo se “7 = a. a2 chet our case,
\ aN 2 pre it Daeg - ene ae. to Hew df 4 sate I consider four of these bills, passed or reported, as forming
STs NWT eet a “4 ; a system by which every fibre would be eradicated of ancient
Lane Ne —Pitme hte peer espa pete hit aims ee or future aristocracy; and a foundation laid for a government
Ns eae fhe plier vefforancte. 6 brane cobenaas; Vdueh oa ran 1 AGG truly republican. The re[—, ;
BN age Specs Mechs Beaprergaathane farmer ugsboma G prvermmnert, vent ‘the accumulation sinet published aed by
WP aide shan?) 2 gic: i Heng of Salen ‘ = repeebes iL 8 ea anal, families and reserve tk e erson's gran son
r the: heshory dh preorder SI ne “d » and p ‘\Thomas Jefferson Randolph.
; ; te contra. more and more absorbed | 9 | bli =
| esenpratims femansy esha, : Again published by ait
tit Ke uniferm toner of erect mu diet olyeet Ha Reniture, and equal pajial Act of Congress 1853.
lablshmert fam absolute lyrammay wver Hamttatea Le prove the, Gh foi bx feudal and unnatural di Teese mance eS in
ee ~ ‘4 oe hack. 1. On an equal basis. ational Archives
submit oo candid. wre fr Maton Gap phity a fas Washington.
apart upside fs , . :
A: Se x * hy ite - 2 _.

V. Jefferson’s Rough Draft, page 1
—AP WIREPHOTO via radio from Frankfurt.
GEN. IVAN IGNATIEVICH YAKUBAVSKI of many. Soviet Army commander in East Ger-
Russia, second from left, chats with GEN. PAUL many, Gen. Yakubavski was returning a visit paid
FREEMAN, commander of the U. S. Army in to him in East Berlin last June by Gen, Freeman.
Europe, on arriving at Heidelberg, West Ger- In background is U. S. honor euard.

Notc-U.Searmy Honor guard. 7 negroes, 2 white.


revolution. In the background is a tank that is

memorial in West Berlin for ceremonies mark-
ing the 45th anniversary of the 1917 Communist part of the memorial.

Note--xussian army in serlin. No negroes.


George Washington and every man who signed the Declaration of Independence and
Constitution - all 95 of them - were white men and segregationists?

Jefferson, founder of the Democratic Party, and Lincoln, founder of the Republican
party, were both segregationists to their last breath?

Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who spent fifty years in Africa with the negro, finally
said: "At no time in foreseeable future will the negro ever be fit for self-government" ?

If God and Nature did not segregate white, black and yellow, why are there an-
atomical differences from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, internally and ex-
ternally, if segregation was not intended?

There are more negroes in the U.S. than any other nation on earth, including Africa,
with only two exceptions, Nigeria and Brazil?

There is not one steamship, motorship, submarine, airplane, automobile, locomotive,
railroad, bridge, dam, skyscraper, steel or textile mill, chemical or electronic laboratory,
machine tool factory or any other kind of factory worth the name in Africa, or anywhere else
on earth, that was ever designed and built by negroes? Whites and yellows build and design
all these things, independently. Why can't the black race do likewise?

All the pianos, trombones, trumpets, drums and other musical instruments played
by negroes, were invented and are manufactured by the white and yellow races? There
are no negro musical instrument factories?

All the baseballs, footballs, basketballs, etc. used by negroes, as well as the
games, were invented and manufactured by whites?

Crime, especially juvenile crime, is almost unknown in San Francisco's Chinatown,
a yellow "ghetto". Crime in negro areas are highest in the nation.

There is not one negro nation in Africa, where brick and mortar have been put
together , without the aid of the white man?

These, and many other fantastic facts that are being evaded, distorted and suppressed

P.O. Box 51912, New Orleans, La. 70150.


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