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2819 Harris Street
East Point, Georgia
October 4, 1966

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.,
Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

Since hearing your speech after the election run-off on last Wednes-
day, I have talked to many people. Everyone I've talked to feels that
you certainly stepped "out of place" when you spoke for the State of
Georgia, especially since the people had just been to the polls to
speak for themselves. The number of people who voted for Mr. Maddox
clearly showed. how the people of Georgia feel--and, after all, that is
why we have an election.

The speech you made was not for the people of our state but to further
your own cause in Washington.

I don't recall Mr. Maddox (or anyone else) making such derogatory re-
marks when you were elected to the office of mayor of Atlanta. Many
people, like myself, felt you were not the kind of man they would want
for mayor, when you were elected, but they accepted the voice of the
ballot and hoped you'd show just what you could do--and you did just
that last Wednesday.

When a man, in your position, is "too small" to take the results of

the vote cast by the people at the polls, without using that position
to try to hurt and lower that man, just because he does not agree with
him (and many do not agree with you), then he does not need to be head-
ing a high office as mayor of a large city. Because the majority of our
state voted differently, to you and your followers, does not mean that
your vote and choice was the only one that counted and that everyone
else is wrong.

The fact that you came into wealth and prestige without having to
struggle for it does not mean that most of us are so fortunate. Mr.
Maddox earned what he has and through the federal government lost much
of it. Had the same thing happened to you, I'm sure your feelings would
have been the same, but I doubt that you'd have had the courage to
stand up and fight---as did Lester Maddox.

As our Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, Mr. Maddox is due,
from you, the same courtesy and support that the people of Atlanta
gave to you. If you are the man that Atlanta can be proud to call its
mayor, you will apologize to Mr. Maddox and offer your support and co-
operation in the up-coming election.

Sincerely yours,


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