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Box 19, Folder 11, Document 7

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1549 North Highland Avenus, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
6 October 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

T was shocked by the vitrolic denunciation of your attack
on Lester Maddox. TI, too, voted for Ellis Arnold but I cannot
help but believe there must be some sood in the man to obtain
such a majority in the run-off.

Your description of Mr. Maddox was hitting below the belt-«~
not only Maddox, but also the 450,000 voters.

There has always been mud-slinging in politics mt, after
he has been nominated, most all true Democrats will support the

Abreham Lincoln, also without a liberal education, became
one of ovr ereatest Presidents.

T think your remarks about Mr. Maddox was unbscoming an
educated man and Mayor of a great city.

Yours trmly,

OO oh
ces 4 i
Lester Maddox

Atlanta Constitution


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