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Loganville, Ga;
Septe 29th. 1966.

Mayor ivan allen,
Atlanta, veorgia.
Mr. Mayor:e-

T have just listened te your unjust, unwarranted, hypocritical statement
concerning Hon. Lester Maddox and his great political victory in the Sept. 28the
primary for the Governorship of Georgia, This was the people of Geonjias victory
just as Mr. Maddox indicated. I voted for him and have been working for his elec=
tien all summef as our customers came to mp farm for peaches and I consider your
remarks an insult to the intelligence of we pecple,who refuse to be dominated by
King, LBJ,Weltner, Little Ralph, Patterson, ugh S. Hartsfield, Allen and other
integrationist,who with the help of press and radio and TELEVISION are respensi-
ble for the disrespect for law and order in our country teday, since these sour=
ces have made of themselves professional agitators trying to force conditions
on these citizens, who supperted and voted for Wr. Maddex that you do not honor
in'your own household and farmily relations.

We would like to see LBJ impeached, since he and his misguided nenchmen
are responsible for the ill will and chaos prevailing between nezroes éhd whitss
today and he has finished bankrupting this ceuntry and is now well on the wayteo
destreying its manpewer in the mud holes of Wiet-Nam,. Guess you noticed that his
popularity had declined to a mere 50%. Just for the record it has been O with me
a long timeo He will wind up next election day with his demagogues and SOCIAL
EQUALS on the one side and geod citizens who believe in constitutional govern-
ment (net supreme court government) individual initiative and respect for in-
dividual rights on the other and we have just experienced what happens to dic-
‘atorial influences when the people speaks




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