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Loganville, Ga;
Oot. 4th. 1966.

Private Citizen, Chas, Shertsighted Weltner,
_ Atlante, Geergia.

. Dear Sire

We think yeur withdrawal from the Congressiensl] race was the best nows
we people, who elected Hon. Lester “addex have heard since Mr. Maddex won the
aoe in the primary te represent we people in the Gevernors seat of our
5 ° :

Yeople here generally are in disagreement with yeu and the fact that
you voted for the cantankerous civil rights bill, they knew you won your scat
in Congress originally by and thru the negre vete wich you admitted, tee we
know you replaced ene ef the most outstanding ‘engresamuen veorgis hag ever.
produced in conservative Davis, who fought for a balanced budget and proposed
legislation te pay ene billien dollars on the national debt which would have
staved off inflation that is now a reality. .

2 We are confident thet yeu ahve been assured by L3J thet you will be taken
care of, since you have been right under his shirt-tail ever since you went
to Washington.

Cengratulatiens on your decision te get out. We are going to stick by |
Hen. Laster “addex and shew you,ivan, Little ialph, lertfelt, Patter-son, Spal-
ding,tig Lip Zing, The Television, its Nermentatere and Press how intolerant
the big besses can be. it was the height ef intelerance fer the Atlanta Journal
and vonstitition te editerielly try te injeot theasclves inte the run-eff en the
last deaysp,telling the peeple why they believed we peeple should follew their
lead in supporting Ellis Arnold and reject Hen. Lester Naddex, a man, whe wae
unduly cherrined end chastized by the government he supported with his tax del-
lars, deonuse he weuld'nt. bew to the Almighty [BJ and unconstitutional lews
and decisions of 9 wen for whom we heave no respect. r. &

What is Happening? CHACS instigated by a biget trying te complete the
benkrupting ef this country te passify the peer and afflicted all ever Ged's
world while he piles up his milliens end the righ cet richer and the peor get
peerer, individual initiative is cast everbeard and the Great Seciety pledges

Can yeu picture ® Gevernnest so stupid that it pays subsidity pay-
ments on cetten that wasn't even planted when ite national debt is apprex ima-
tely 525 billiene ef dollars and our beys are dieing fer @ lest cause? You
stated today" You believed LSJ would ge dewn im history ae one of our great
Presidents.” Unless we mise ovr guess he will go dewn in history as its creat-
est spendthrift,disergenizer and dictater promoting discord and oad relations
in our citizenry, trying to ferce en goed citizens hie Secial Equal theory,
that he ner his steeges namid above ccocept on an equal vasis fer themselves,
or theér sons and daughters.

Thank you again for getting out ef the Cengressieus) race, in
view of a rainbow with Lid ané his Secial Equal Seciety.



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