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Box 19, Folder 18, Document 20

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October 18, 1963

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Mayor Allen:

Sven though I'm late, I wish to thank you
for what you said before the Senate Com-
merce Committee, in Washington. I was
born and brought up in Georgia and have
been 80 grateful in recent years for the
leadership which several people in Atlanta
have given in the effort to give to all
citizens their constitutional rights. I
have long thought that what we need in our
part of the country -- the southeastern
states -- is leadership, constructive
leadership. I think we are as intelligent
and as willing to have justice done to all
people as are persons everywhere. We are
just tangled up with a lot of inherited
ideas that make us prejudiced and emotional.

If persons in authority would help us to
"see straight", I believe their following
would be of surprising size, and I truly
hope your statement is repeated many times,
"...the elimination of segregation, which
is slavery's stepchild, is a challenge to
all of us to make every American free in
fact as well as in theory."

Again, thank you for your true and helpful

Very sincerely,

ewe Joe

Route 1, Box 143
Chapel Hill, N. c.


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