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August 16, 1963

Atlanta Journal
Atlanta, Georgia:

The recent statement of Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., to the Senate Commerce
Committee in Washington is, to my mind, the most courageous, statesmanlike
utterance made by a political fi-ure in Georgia during the past one hundred

In a time of grave social crisis, this man chose to say and do what he
considered right, History will validate his decision,

Mayor Allen seemed a lonely, minority voice from Georgia but such appear-
ance is ephemeral and illusory, ‘his man was traveling in spirlt with Robert
E, Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, This man
was fortified with the tradition of our Judaic-Christian culture; he was
armored with the democratic weapons of equality, fair play, moderation and

Oblivious to censure, derision and hate, Mayor Allen was proudly heralding
the promise of America == the dream that must not die}

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