Collection Technical Specifications

Collaboratively curated by the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Georgia Tech Archives, this selection of mayoral records and related digital collection is a project in progress that seeks to aggregate existing archival records related to Ivan Allen Jr.'s legacy and southern progress and to collect new materials documenting these themes. The project creators hope that the digital collection will serve as a point of embarkation for researchers and citizens interested in learning more about Allen’s life and legacy and the history of social change in Atlanta.

Some of the goals from the first phase of the project included:

  • Combining related materials that are scattered across several institutions in and around Atlanta, with the support of partner institutions (see Contributors). The aggregation of materials would serve as a point of departure for study.
  • Creating narrative exposition around these materials to weave them together in a compelling way.
  • Locating and including previously uncollected original materials relevant to Allen or more broadly to Atlanta politics of his era.

The project team has made significant progress with each of these goals, and through this process has identified the next phase to be building upon the existing work to create a deeper and more compelling story.

Protocols Used for Digitized Materials

Textual documents were digitized with a Bookeye 3 scanner at 600 ppi. For easier access, the original TIFF files were converted to PDF with optical character recognition. Unedited archival TIFF files are retained but not offered on the public site.

Audio files were converted from cassette tape to WAV. For easier access, the original digitized files were converted to MP3. Unedited archival WAV files are retained but not offered on the public site.

Contact the Georgia Tech Archives for access to any of the unedited TIFF or WAV files.

Project Infrastructure

Both the Ivan Allen Jr. Mayoral Records and the Digital Collection were created using Drupal and Omeka. Metadata for each item has been aggregated from the item’s host institution and displayed according to the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

Copyright Information

Users should understand that, though public, the project is an evolving work in progress and that permission to provide online access to much of the content in this collection has kindly been granted by individuals and institutions throughout Georgia and beyond. Further details about the materials referenced in the Collection can be found by contacting the host institution or source referenced in the metadata for each record. The materials in this collection are intended for research or educational use only. To cite an item as part of a research project, please reference the item’s host institution listed in the Source field in the item’s metadata. For more information about reproducing an item from the collection, please contact the item’s host institution.