Exhibit Panel One: The Legacy of Ivan Allen Jr.

''"History did not simply happen to Ivan Allen. He actively shaped it." - Bruce Galphin - Atlanta Constitution

Ivan Allen Jr. was one of Atlanta's most dynamic leaders and is credited with launching the city's greatest period of economic development and social transformation, both as mayor and a private citizen. Born on March 15, 1911, Ivan Allen Jr. was the son of longtime Atlantans Ivan Allen Sr. and Irene Beaumont Allen. After graduating from the Spring Street School , Boy's High, and Georgia Tech, he went to work for his father's office products firm. In 1936, Allen married Louise Richardson, and they eventually had three sons: Ivan III, Inman, and Beaumont. In 1942, Allen entered the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps as a second lieutenant, and in 1945 he was discharged as a major. After the war, for a six-month period, he served as Governor Ellis Arnall's executive secretary. Following his father's retirement, on March 1, 1946, he became the president of Ivan Allen Company.

Photo Captions

  • (top left) Ivan Allen III, Ivan Allen Jr. and Ivan Allen Sr. Atlanta History Center
  • (top center) Ivan Allen Jr. and Louise Allen. Atlanta History Center
  • (top right) Ivan Allen Jr. listening to his father's watch, 1912. Atlanta History Center
  • (background) Ivan Allen Jr. as mayor of Atlanta. Atlanta Journal-Constitution