Teacher's Guide

''This teacher's guide accompanies the exhibition, The Legacy of Ivan Allen Jr., which was sponsored by the Ivan Allen College at Georgia Tech and was curated by the Atlanta History Center.

Goals for Learning

  • The importance of civic leadership.
  • The history of Atlanta as it relates to Ivan Allen Jr.'s life.
  • The importance of the fight for Civil Rights in the 1960s.
  • The educational legacy Ivan Allen Jr. left behind at Georgia Tech.

Social Studies Georgia Performance Standards for this Teacher's Guide

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Teachers Guide Table of Contents

Unit Lesson Grade Level

A Tradition of Civic Leadership

Grades K - 12

CL Activity 1: Civic Leaders [Grades K-12]
CL Activity 2: You Can Quote Me On That [Grades 6-12]
CL Activity 3: Reading A Photograph [Grades 6-12]

News Makers: The Atlanta Connection

Grades 4 - 12

NM Activity 1: Maps and Mayors [Grades 4-12]
NM Activity 2: Word Search [Grades 4-12]
NM Activity 3: Spelling Bee [Grades 4-12]
NM Activity 4: Read All About It! [Grades 4-12]

People and History: A Timeline of Civil Rights in Atlanta

Grades 1 - 12

CR Activity 1: Civil Rights Timeline [Grades 1-12]
CR Activity 2: Headline News [Grades 8-12]
CR Activity 3: Oral History Project [Grades 5-12]

Georgia Tech - Ivan Allen's Legacy of Education

Grades 4 - 12

GT Activity 1: Career Matching [Grades 4-12]
GT Activity 2: Learn and Earn College Bowl [Grades 6-12]
GT Activity 3: Ivan Allen Job Search [Grades 6-12]
Ivan Allen Jr. Timeline
Ivan Allen Jr. Public Service and Honors
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