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JULY 28, 1966

The regular meeting of the Atlanta Civic Design Commission was
held Thursday, July 28, at 2 p.m., in Committee Room #4, City Hall,
with the following members present: Messrs, Sam'l I. Cooper, Chairman;
Joseph H, Perrin, Vice-Chairman; Paul Muldawer, Harry J. Baldwin,
Julian Harris, John C. Gould, W, L. Calloway, J. Ben Moore, and Mrs,

Edith Henderson.
Minutes of the July 1) meeting were approved.

Chairman Cooper read the following:

(a) Letters to be sent from A.C.D.C. to the City School Department
and Parks Department regarding submissions reviewed by the Commission
on July 14. The letters were approved as written.

(b) Letter to A.C.D.C. from Mr. Dan Sweat, Director of Governmental

Liaison, regarding the Federal Urban Beautification Program.

The Commission discussed the possibility of promoting the develop-
ment of the "old City" area under the Alabama Street viaduct, Chairman
Cooper appointed the following committee to look into possible means of
initiating and financing such a program;

The Commission recessed at 2:5 to the 7th floor for a review of

the City Planning Department presented by Messrs. Eric Harkness, Tom

Shuttleworth, and Collier Gladin. While this meeting was both interesting
and informative to all members of the Commission, yet these members were
disappointed to learn that the City Planning Department is devoting most
of its time, energy, and personnel to the development of statistics,
zoning, population densities, and of other factual data dealing with the
City of Atlanta, and is not projecting any actual broad physical planning
either for the City as a whole, or for certain major areas thereof, such

as the central business district.

While this reaction indicated no criticism of the Planning Depart-
ment, which obviously has neither the personnel nor the money to make
such personnel available, yet the A.C.D.C. does feel that such broad
planning should be undertaken, particularly in terms of the central down-
town area, and hopes that means can be found to initiate such comprehen-

sive considerations.

The meeting was adjourned at 5 p.m,

Ann Butler
Recording Secretary


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