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Box 13, Folder 12, Document 164

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Daniel H. Stanton School
970 Martin Street, S.F.
Atlanta, Georgia
January 19, 1967

Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.
City Hall

68 Mitchell Street, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Honorable Mayor I. Allen Jr.

Kindly accept our congratulations for the wonderful services you
have rendered to the city of Atlanta. Best wishes for another
successful year.

We would like to solicit your assistance in speeding up the pro-
duction of the Daniel H. Stanton School Park. We have met with park
officials and they assured the representatives that all attention
would be given to this project. Up to the present date very little has
been done for the development of the park.

We do not have any recreational facilities in this area. The
children need and respond to any interest shown them and are eager to
participate in any activity.

Our school provides a good program for them but due to present
building construction we presently have no recreational facilities.
Our playground is envolved in the building program.

' Your understanding and assistance with this request will be
sincerely appreciated.

Respectfully, yours,

wn i / y /) Wout. Featadalpe F Jaap
U 6-/

(Mrs.) Gwendolyn L. George



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