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Box 13, Folder 12, Document 165

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January 19, 1967

Mr. Jack Adair
Adair Realty and Loan
56 Peachtree St., N. W.
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Adair:

Some months ago you were gracious enough to donate to

the City of Atlanta the sum of $5,000 to go towards

the construction of a fountain or some beautification
item in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of your
firm, Perhaps you have noticed that at the northeast
interesection of Piedmont and Harris a triangular park is
now under construction. This park should prove to be
one of the most beautiful additions to the downtown

erea in many years.

The City is required by law to erect a plaque on all
public building and in parks listing City officials,
etc. and we wish especially to list your efforts towards
the construction of this $25,000 project.

Therefore, may I suggest the following wor@ing be used:

"The City of Atlanta greatfully acknowledges
the donation of funds by Mr. Jack Adair for
this fountain in commemoration of the 100th
anniversary of Adair Realty and Loen"

If you would like to change the wording in any way do
not hesitate to advise and thanking you again for your
cooperation, I am


Jack C,. Delius

General Manager of

Parks and Recreation

ect Hon, Ivan Allen, Jr., ieee”


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