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Box 14, Folder 12, Document 91

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Genth Street Methodist Church


Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Telephone 875—2666

September 9, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall

68 Mitchell St., S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Allen:

I would like to express my appreciation for the vital role you played
in reconciling the group involved in the Capitol Avenue - Ormond Street
incident. You demonstrated to our city your willingness to peacefully re-
solve conflicts. I admire your courage and personal involvement to make
the appeal you did. Through such positive leadership Atlanta will be able
to successfully resolve her racial tensions.

I would appreciate you giving the same kind of leadership in resolving
the tensions associated with the Firemen and the city. You can be a re-
conciling force here and provide the positive leadership that is needed.
Has the door of reconciliation been closed too hastily? Was too drastic
action taken too soon? Were all avenues of reconciliation exhausted before
the doors were slammed shut?

Should recruitment of new firemen be as successful as anticipated, our
city will ‘still depend on a group. of untrained men for fire protection.
Many men who have courageously protected life and property of our city
haven't been heard in their grievances. Your position is not an easy one.
The citizens of Atlanta recognize that it takes a bigger man to admit a
mistake, assume a role of reconciliation, and serve the best interests of
everyone involved than to take a dogmatic position and jeopordize life and
property of everyone.

I pray for divine leadership for you and all those charged with re-
sponsibility of leadership in our city. "God was in Christ reconciling the
world to Himself." We have the high privilege of emulating this noblest
quality of our Lord in involving ourselves in positions of reconciliation.
May our Heavenly Father provide you leadership and power to serve our city.

He yours y

PET Laigh

Rya e Seawright, Pastor
Tenth Street Methodist Church


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