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Box 2, Folder 4, Document 10

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February 26, 1969

Mr. Collier Gladin
Director of Planning
City of Atiante

700 City Hall
Atlents, Georgia

Dear Collier:
Re: Your letter to Jebn T. Edmunds of February 25, 1969

This is te request thet you transfer the $8,615 remaining in Amendatory
Application §- ef the Community Improvement Program to the Atlanta
Ghiidren and Youth Services Council.

It was the intent of the President's Council on Youth Opportunity that
the CRP in HUD be used simply as a conduit to provide funde to city
youth agencies for summer planning and programming. There wae aco
intent to require local CRP (CIP) agencies to justify the wee of these
funds as a pert of the normel CRP program activities. This is also
the understanding of John Edmunds.

I see no reason why we should not transfer the remaining funds from the
1968 approval to the Youth Council immediately so they will be able to
continue their present activities without interruption.

Mr. Edmunds has informed me that the $30,900 for 1969 YOP sctivities
hes been set aside by HUD In Washington for Atlanta's use. He wili let
as know shortly if your letter can serve as the 1969 application.

Sincerely yours,
Den Sweat
ec: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Alderman Redney Cook
Mr. John Cox

Mr. Charles Davis
Mr. Earl Landers
, oe F


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