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General Instructions.

1. This is a general guide for conducting a house-to~house survey in the Plunkettown
neighborhood, Make sure that all questions included are answered; however, if a
respondent refuses to answer any questions, go on to the next item on your questionaire.
Record reason for no response if possible. You may include other questions; record them
as well as the interviewee!'s answer. |

2. Please record all answers as accurately and carefully as possible.

3. Let the interview continue if the interviewee wishes to talk. However, one hour
should, in most cases, be the maximum time required for the interview.

4. Record the date of the interview, the time at which the interview begins and is com=
pleted, and the total amount of time the interview lasted. Record the number of times the
interview is interrupted by air craft noise, and the approximate length of such interruptions.

The following general introduction should be used in the interview situation: "Hello, my

name is . | represent the City of Atlanta (show your


identification eard), The Mayor and Board of Aldermen are éoncerned about the people
living in Plunkettown. Many different suggestions have been made about deat the people

of Plunkettown want from the City. However, we feel that it is necessary to talk directly

to the people in Plunkettown, For the next few days we will be talking with all Plunkettown
residents and asking them questions to help us find out exactly what the people want.. Could

‘you please take a few minutes to answer these questions?
act iat tel eg aw

a sh Ath i i a le Rid

ee eee

iia tne

If subject refuses to participate in the interview, try to find out why. If he indicates
he is too busy, try to make an appointment fo interview him at another date. If he has
another reason, try again to get the interview. However, if he absolutely refuses, do
not persist, Record a response and, if possible, the reason. If more than one member
of a household wants to participate in the interview session, record their answers separately.
Each interview record should contain the responses of one person only. However, if this
is not possible, indicate that responses come from two or more people.

Remember that the main purpose is to get answers to the basic questions contained in
popuestionaire. If the interviewee has questions to ask of you, try to delay this discussion
until the end of the formal interview. DO NOT, under any circumstances, attempt to
answer questions of which you are unsure. The purpose of this interview is to find out what
the people in Plunkettown think and want. If people ask questions you cannot answer, refer
them to Mr. Johnny Robinson or George Aldridge. (You will have a supply of their personal

cards to pass out to everyone),


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